3 Must-Have Crystals To Connect With Your Feminine Energy

3 Must-Have Crystals To Connect With Your Feminine Energy

Amethyst for a spiritual development

Amethyst is associated with harmony, tranquility, and inner peace. Amethyst is the stone for you if you want to add happiness into your life and develop your intuition.  

When it comes to physical well-being, it can help you sleep better, soothe your headaches and assist in the function of the pineal gland.  

Other benefits include increasing psychic abilities and providing contentment. It's also an excellent meditation stone. women who suffer from menstrual cramps may use it to clear their minds and reduce pain. 

Amethyst for women

Citrine for the abundant life

This crystal is beneficial to any woman who wishes to develop her leadership skills. It will assist you in boosting your creativity and wealth.  

Citrine can be very helpful if you're having trouble maintaining your self-confidence, personal power, and boundaries.

Citrine for women

Rose Quartz for an endless love

Rose Quartz crystal is the one to look for if you're having trouble accepting self-love as the ultimate concept. It will assist you in increasing your self-esteem, improving your mental balance, and bringing more positivity into your life.

Rose quartz is a stone that can help you become more mindful and learn to love yourself and those around you.

Rose Quartz for women

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