Orgonite Crystals Wholesale Program

Thank your for your interest in Orgonite Crystal. We are glad that you want to work with us to create a world where healing properties of crystals inspire and empower people to express their best selves and achieve amazing things. 

Why Join?

From handmade jewlery, Home Decor Shops to Yoga and meditation studios, We love to partner with small businesses and retailers to help spread the love and healing crystal vibes. Our wholesale program offers competitive wholesale pricing and bulk pricing on crystals of up to 50% OFF, super-simple online ordering, and fast delivery.


Please Note:
  • We offer store extensions and online shops. *Terms and conditions apply.
  • We require a $600 minimum opening order. The discount is volumetric, depending on order quantity (higher the order value, higher the discount). 
    • 600-1500$ 20% OFF
    • 1500-3000$ 30% OFF
    • 3000-5000$ 40% OFF
    • 5000$ or above 50% OFF
  • We are only accepting dealers that are currently open for business with an established retail selection.
  • To become a wholesale partner, click here.