Crystals and Gemstones to Manifest your New Year Resolutions

Crystals and Gemstones to Manifest your New Year Resolutions

Want to manifest some powerful life changes for yourself in 2021? Get yourself an Orgonite Crystal.

A crystal can take between days and years to form, and each one has a unique configuration which appears as its nature or vibratory frequency. Much like you and I have our own frequency, so do crystals! The only difference is that our frequency may change from moment to moment, while the crystal is a permanent crystalline structure, fixed in its rate of vibration.

This is why they can be extremely helpful for your New Years goals and manifesting your intentions, as they offer that consistency we struggle with so often come the new year (looking at you January-only gym members!)

The unique frequency of a crystal can subtly influence your vibration. The effects vary, from improving your confidence, protecting you, calming your anxiety and various other things. There are hundreds of different crystal types! If you don’t believe me, buy a crystal you’re drawn to and keep it on you for a month. Afterwards, look up the stones properties and reflect on how your last month has been. You may be very very surprised!

Consciously charging the stone only increases the effects on your vibration and gives the stone a personalised intention. This is like enlisting a selfless ally or helper in your daily life to help you achieve your goals. Who wouldn’t want a friend like that?

Step 1: Choose a crystal to match your New Year's resolution

Black Tourmaline to manifest new year resolutions

Black Tourmaline: Want to keep yourself protected from negative influence? Do you find yourself often being taken advantage of? Stuck in a particularly low-vibration environment? Tourmaline is the stone for you, protecting your auric field from potentially destructive energies. Everyone is familiar with people or situations which give ‘bad vibes.’ This stone is like an energetic water filter, keeping those vibes from penetrating your aura and by extension influencing your mood.

Rose Quartz to manifest new year resolutions

Rose Quartz: Struggling with giving or being receptive of love? Rose quartz is the quintessential all-purpose stone of love. Whether mending a broken heart, trying to improve your feelings towards a loved one, or simply trying to connect with your own faculties of love and empathy, this stone will be a great aid. This stone can help remove your sense of boundaries and mistrust and move into a place of feeling united and at peace with others.

Red Carnelian to manifest new year resolutions

Red Carnelian: This stone is for those who struggle with confidence, courage and passion in their lives. If you’re struggling to feel capable or confident within yourself, this stone will give the vitality to feel empowered and in control of one's life. Oftentimes it is the feeling of being unable to accomplish things which is our biggest obstacle! This disempowerment leads to procrastination and laziness. This stone is just the thing to help you overcome those fears and anxieties.

Malachite to manifest new year resolutions

Malachite: A stone of emotional balance. This stone will help you work through difficult emotional experiences whilst staying positive and benevolent, helping you move forward. It is a stone which will add a vibration of positive emotional experience, and will help you not only avoid temptations or bad situations but attract good situations. It increases the vibratory equivalent of ‘luck’ which is really just a positive synchronicity. There is no such thing as luck, you are merely attracting good vibes!

Amethyst to manifest new year resolutions

Amethyst: This stone is quite stimulating to the higher mind, allowing one to better understand the root causes and lessons in life experiences. It is therefore quite useful to really grasp the nature of your addictions and bad habits, helping you be more aware of your actions and its consequences. Amethyst is very useful if you’re trying to be more responsible with your decision making, leading to less ‘mistakes’ (which are really just perfectly valid decisions that do not align with your higher guidance or calling).

Citrine to manifest new year resolutions

Citrine: This stone will help in manifesting abundance and prosperity. Through stimulating the third chakra and bringing more light into the auric field, it helps in the moving away from unproductive thought patterns. This is great for those who want to introduce more prosperity and abundance into their physical experience, a perfectly valid desire. Everyone is entitled to prosperity, and the belief system often is the stumbling block to having it! This stone amplifies the will and boosts your own ability to understand exactly what you desire to manifest.

Green Aventurine to manifest new year resolutions

Green Aventurine: A great stone for new beginnings, Green Aventurine will aid in finding hope, joy and positivity in the experiences of daily life. It’s a great stone for releasing your attachments to past mistakes, giving you the mental configuration of a fresh start, boosting your creative power! Oftentimes we slow our creative powers down by reliving past experiences or ‘creations.’ If you need a fresh mental start to make the most of the new year, look no further.

Step 2: Cleanse your crystal

Although crystals are fixed in their vibration, they can hold onto additional intentions and charges. Unless your crystal is freshly mined, new out of the cave, it's unlikely it will be completely clear. It is important to ‘reset’ your crystal before adding your own intention to it.

There are different methods to cleanse the Crystals and Orgonites. Our favorite are Running Water, Sage and Moon Light.


Read more about other methods in the article How to Cleanse your Crystals and Orgonites.

If you want to give your stone a real deep clean it is advisable to do all of the above before working with your New Year's Crystal!

Step 3: Activating your intention for your crystal

Harmonising: In order to harmonise, it is best to sit in meditation with your stone nearby. Firstly get a good feeling of your own aura, focus on your awareness of yourself. Once you have that clearly, turn your mental attention to the stone. You will notice a foreign presence there. Say hello! If it's cleansed properly you may be able to detect its properties or unique vibratory signature. Next, try and blend your own energies with the stone by sending it love and empathy, while being receptive to it reciprocating. This is sometimes called sympathetic resonance, similar to how tuning forks work. You are trying to connect your essence with the stone's essence. All forms of (harmonious) connection between conscious entities begin with the feeling of love.

Intention setting: When you feel like your stone has responded to you and you feel connected you may then set an intention. (Take care not to rush to this step! It may take some time to feel really harmonised with your stone, as each one is different.) Meditate with your stone and set an intention clearly in your mind. Expand this intention and let any other distracting thoughts melt away. Next feel the stone in your hands, if you are harmonised it will automatically begin picking up this intention. Using what you may liken to telepathy, send the intention to the harmonised and receptive crystal. Imagine it being sent with love through your heart, not forced through your mind. It is a request, not an order.

Loud and proud: Hold your crystal in your left hand (it’s your receiving side) then say your intention aloud at least three times with real intention, making your frequency and aura a reflection of that intention. Feel the crystal absorb your intention and resonate with your frequency.

Check in: Now time for a break. Meditate with your crystal again with a clear mind and see if you can pick that intention up. If you don’t or the intention doesn’t feel as strong/dense as you would like, repeat the last 2 steps as many times as is needed.

Step 4: Keep it close

Immediately after activating your crystal, wear it over your heart chakra over the next few days. This is right in the middle of the chest area.

If you have an Orgonite Pyramid, try to meditate with it as often as possible.

This will allow the crystal's energy to bond with your own for a sustained period of time, better infusing its new and improved intention with your aura. After this, keep it with you whenever you go. It is a good idea to keep a ‘crystal diary’ tracking your progress with your intention. At key milestones throughout the year it is skilful to repeat Step 3 to keep the intention as strong as possible throughout the entire 365 days.

Happy New Year and may the crystal force be with you!

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