Leo Crystals: The Best Zodiac Stones for Leo Sun Sign

Leo Crystals: The Best Zodiac Stones for Leo Sun Sign

Date Duration: July 23 to August 22

Symbol: Lion

Element: Fire

Ruler: Sun 

People born under the fire sign of Leo are often self-assured, ambitious, and good leaders. They can motivate people to succeed and lead a team toward a common goal. They are reliable friends or business partners since they're giving, fun, and warm-hearted. 

Leo's competitive nature can force them to disregard others, especially when they are focused on achieving a goal. With the Sun as their ruling planet, Leo's ego might get in the way of making the proper decisions.

Here are the TOP 5 Best Healing Crystals and Stones for the Leo Star Sign:

  1. Carnelian
  2. Peridot
  3. Sunstone
  4. Citrine
  5. Tiger’s Eye 

Red Carnelian

Carnelian is one of the best stones for confidence, making it a great choice if you sometimes doubt your abilities. If you’re struggling to feel capable or confident within yourself, this stone will give the vitality to feel empowered and in control of one's life. Oftentimes it is the feeling of being unable to accomplish things which is our biggest obstacle! This disempowerment leads to procrastination and laziness. This stone is just the thing to help you overcome those fears and anxieties.

Known as a stone of creativity, carnelian also can help to boost self-expression, stimulating your creative talents and encouraging you to follow your passions.

This is a very physical stone which will fill the users with vital force if connected to in meditation. It has a natural aura which inspires and encourages one to take action to fulfil one's goals. Energetically it resonates with all three of the lower chakras, however because of its physical nature it is very useful for sacral work.


This green stone is a powerful generator of positive energy. It can help you reconnect with divine love, the source of all abundance. For spiritual people, giving love is often far easier than receiving it. This stone will help you feel worthy of universal love, and also help you connect with the nature of all things, which is good.  

Orgone Peridot Point Creativity Necklace

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As The Release Stone, peridot can also overcome destructive tendencies that hold you back, such as jealousy or laziness.

If you feel criticized or underappreciated by others, carry peridot with you throughout the day, to protect you from unkind words.


Sunstone captures the radiance and the abundant energies of the sun. This stone is very useful when finding oneself in positions of leadership, as it allows you to direct and radiate your will with a divine passion. It further boosts Leo's innate benevolence- the willingness to help others in various aspects of life. 

Orgone Iron Will Pyramid

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Working with the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, this stone has great energizing potential. These are the chakras of doing in the physical realm and will give you all the vitality you need (without the crashes of sugar and caffeine!)

Sunstone is an excellent stone for people who are sensitive to negativity.


This stone will help in manifesting abundance and prosperity. By stimulating the third chakra and bringing more light into the auric field, it helps in moving away from unproductive thought patterns. This is great for those who want to introduce more prosperity and abundance into their physical experience, a perfectly valid desire. Everyone is entitled to prosperity, and the belief system often is the stumbling block to having it! This stone amplifies the will and boosts your own ability to understand exactly what you desire to manifest. 

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Also, if you feel sluggish or lazy, your Solar Plexus may be blocked. Citrine is a powerful crystal for re-energizing this Energy Centre and helping you to feel motivated.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye activates your personal power through the solar plexus chakra. Generating fiery energy, Tiger’s Eye motivates your will, confidence, and certainty. It also stimulates inspiration and creative expression, pushing you to experiment with the mind and body. Moving the body allows you to feel present, balanced, and in control of your life.

Tiger Eye Gemstone Pendant

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