Seven Crystals to balance Seven Chakras

Seven Crystals to balance Seven Chakras

The study of chakras has been a vital part of modern spirituality, yet has been a part of ancient Indian tradition for centuries. Translated as ‘wheels’ in Sanskrit, they are said to be the seven centers of energy through which consciousness processes all experience. Life energy (often called ‘prana’ or ‘chi’) moves upwards starting from the base of the feet into the bottom red chakra. It then passes upwards through each chakra, enlivening the body and organs, endlessly feeding it life force for as long as the body is able to function. Thus healthy chakras means a healthy body and mind!

Meditation is a great way to keep these chakras in balance with a healthy flow of energy throughout your body and most importantly, the green chakra. Crystals can be an excellent aid in this, depending on your own nature and the nature of the crystal. It is advisable first to spend some time with the crystal to see if you are compatible with it. Crystals have an ‘aura’ themselves, but unlike us who can change in aura from moment to moment, they do not have a chakra energy system so their aura is ‘fixed’ thus radiating their very nature or being.

Some crystals have a nature which resonates quite strongly with a specific chakra, and can be a potentially great tool to use for chakra balancing or healing!

Chakra-crystal Balancing Meditation

1. Firstly meditate with your crystal and see how it feels. Use your intuition and see if you resonate with the stone. If you feel incompatible or you feel it isn’t quite ‘right’ for what you’re intending to do, it is likely that it is not suitable. You need a stone which not only has the correct properties but also feels compatible.

2. Feel the presence of the chakra within you. Meditate and move your consciousness into that ‘wheel’ or energy center of the body.

3. Meditate on the issue within that chakra by expanding it as much as is comfortable and holding that feeling. Next, feel the crystal. Crystals are pure; if you are able to feel the nature or pure vibrations of the crystal and can match your own frequency to it you are clearing or unlocking that chakra. The crystal is not balancing your chakra, but merely acts as a guide for you to balance yourself.

Root Chakra

This chakra is responsible for feelings of survival and sexual reproduction. A very fundamental chakra, most of your primal instincts will be found here. It is as a result quite easy to clear. Blockages in here can result in panic attacks or perhaps issues with your sexuality. This includes feelings of shame with sex or a lack of sexual interest. In your physical body it can possibly manifest as pain in the feet, or colon problems.

Red Jasper

One of the most grounding stones you can find, Red Jasper can not only strengthen your connection to the Earth but stabilise your own energies if kept in your environment. It can help with focus for those who spend a lot of time daydreaming or distract easily.

Other stones: Black Tourmaline, Garnet, Smoky Quartz.

Sacral Chakra

This is the centre of personal/emotional identity, and relationships with individuals. This is the chakra of self mastery. Blockages in this center will often manifest itself as issues regarding self consciousness, insecurity and acceptance of self. Often times criticism from your parents will be stuck within this chakra if not cleared. Harbouring grudges towards another or having difficulty accepting someone will also cause blockages in this center. Physically this is associated with the legs, genitals, kidneys and the large intestine.

Red Carnelian

This is a very physical stone which will fill the users with vital force if connected to in meditation. It has a natural aura which inspires and encourages one to take action to fulfil one's goals. Energetically it resonates with all three of the lower chakras, however because of its physical nature it is very useful for sacral work.

Other stones: Orange Calcite (motivation, confidence) Sunstone (personal power, freedom).

Solar Plexus

The center of identity and power relationships in and amongst groups. This chakra is the seat of your will and contains your sense of identity within society. Feelings about work, race, household, your religious community or any other group is dealt with here. When blocked it can create strong feelings of superiority, power over others, or inflated ego. Physically blockage may manifest as stomach or gastric problems.

Yellow Quartz

Often called ‘heat treated Citrine,’ this stone is stimulating to the solar plexus and by extension the faculties of will. It can naturally help you with assertiveness and being more outgoing, allowing for more focused manifestations of intention.

Other stones: Tiger's Eye (balance, vitality, fairness) Heliodor (higher consciousness, wellbeing)

Heart Chakra

The center of unconditional, universal love as well as acceptance and non-judgement. People activated in this area are extremely likeable and radiant, being conduits for divine love. Healing also takes place through this chakra. Blockages here can result in feeling unworthy of love or struggling to see others as worthy of love. Additionally, one may have an overactive heart center which can often result in self-sacrificing tendencies. Physically these issues can manifest themselves in the lungs and in your circulatory system.

Green Aventurine

This is a stone of optimism and zeal. It’s nature can bring forth a feeling of appreciation for life’s ups and downs, releasing judgement or expectations from experiences. It is very helpful in clearing your emotional body of trapped emotions.

Other stones: Emerald (love, compassion) Rose Quartz (love, gentleness) Peridot (positivity, divine love).

Throat Chakra

Center of wisdom, clarity, light and honesty. Using this chakra you may communicate and express your truest self. You will also find this chakra will allow you to receive other people expressing themselves with clarity and understanding. Blockages here will often manifest as dishonesty, or having difficulty accepting communication from others. Physically it will arise as problems in the throat.

Lapis Lazuli

This is a stone of Egyptian royalty, adorning many ancient tombs of Pharaohs. It is a catalyst for higher awareness and intuition, allowing one to receive divine inspiration. It is also often used for alternate or past life exploration. It is a stone of truth and will assist in being able to express your authentic perspective in all situations.

Other stones:Amazonite (communication, harmony) Aquamarine (communication, cooling/soothing) Turquoise (clarity, non-judgement).

Third Eye Chakra

The center of intuition and connection to the ‘unseen world.’ Through here you can connect with the ‘matrix’ which links to everything in our reality. It is the energy center of the ‘creator’ which is within all of us and is closely linked to our faculties of imagination. If blocked you may lack faith in your own power to create or manifest your desires, otherwise known as unworthiness. This dulls the intuitive powers. Physical problems may manifest as various types of migraines and problems with the eyes.

Blue Aventurine

Great protection for people who are very intuitive and are susceptible to negativity due to their sensitivity. It stimulates psychic and intuitive abilities and encourages thought patterns of responsibility.

Other stones: Lapis Lazuli (divine inspiration, truth, psychic insights).

Disclaimer: Using stones to stimulate your third eye chakra can be extremely dangerous if you are not very balanced and clear in the former five chakras. Enhancing awareness without being grounded and secure will result in confusion and oftentimes severe paranoia. The most effective way to evolve your spirit is to work from the bottom up.

Crown Chakra

Here can be found your connection to the universal divine and higher self. It represents the sum or rainbow of your overall unique balance and is in constant connection with infinity. Through here cosmic energy pours downwards, meeting the vital energy coming upwards creating yin and yang. This energy center cannot be blocked or deactivated as such, but can be connected to and used spiritually.


A popular stone for beginners in the world of crystals it has a powerful calming energy and a divine connection which can act as protection in a space. It is great in meditation for bringing yourself into a deep state and feeling the infinity which ebbs and flows around you. These types of meditations go beyond what words can possibly describe.

Other stones: Clear quartz and Moonstone.

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