Top 5 Healing Crystals and Gemstones for Men

Top 5 Healing Crystals and Gemstones for Men

International Men’s Day is an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the men in their lives and the contribution they make to society for the greater good of all.

When it comes to crystals, we usually think of stones that are useful for women, such as moonstone or rose quartz. What about stones for men?

1. Tiger's Eye helps you in releasing your linear tendencies as well as the barriers you create for yourself with limiting thought patterns. It also stimulates your willpower and motivation, making it much easier to manifest your goals and abundance.

Orgone Triple Protection Pyramid

Our Triple Protection Pyramid harnesses the combined powers of Hematite, Tiger's Eye, and Black Obsidian ("Black Onyx") to enhance psychic defenses on all levels. This potent combination repels negativity and disperses judgmental thoughts, allowing you to resolve problems with objectivity.

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2. Citrine is an excellent crystal for having joy in all that you do. While it helps to develop a happy mindset, citrine truly shines when it comes to fortune. It brings wealth, abundance, and success to everyone who uses it. 

Orgone Citrine Crystals Bundle

Citrine crystals can help in manifesting abundance and prosperity. Through stimulating the third chakra and bringing more light into the auric field, it helps in the moving away from unproductive thought patterns.

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3. Turquoise works wonders for your overall well-being, but it shines brightest as a healing stone for your emotional and mental health. For people who are feeling burned out or if their spirit is being held down, this stone knows how to efficiently mend those life traps,.

Orgone Ultimate Protection Pyramid

The Turquoise stone placed on the top catches your attention right away. In Eastern culture, this blue gem is known to shield you from evil spirits and negative vibes from others. It also connects to the "third eye" and the throat chakra - making you more confident and influential.

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4. Malachite is the ultimate crystal to attract love. Its energy stops you from being trapped in your own reality waiting for it to change and instead gives you the strength to change your love life yourself.

Orgone Love Attraction Pyramid

Orgone love attraction pyramid is thoughtfully designed with a combination of powerful stones to attract love and joy in your life. No matter what kind of love you are looking for, you can count on these stones to point your heart in the right direction. If you are reading this you might be someone who believes in unconditional love and harmony around you. This orgone pyramid will help you find all that is good and positive in life.

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5. Black Tourmaline is like your personal energetic bodyguard. It absorbs negative energy around you and shields you from unwanted energy. If you have old habits that aren’t serving you well, then Black Tourmaline will use its incredible frequencies to take all that energy and transform it into something pure and positive, helping you to consistently be on your best game and to achieve all that you can.

Orgone Black Tourmaline Healing Pendant

Black Tourmaline is known as one of the most powerful minerals in absorbing electromagnetic radiation that is emitted all around us.

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