4 Amazing Crystals For Restless Legs Syndrome

4 Amazing Crystals For Restless Legs Syndrome

4 Amazing Crystals For Restless Legs Syndrome

Disclaimer: Crystals are not meant to be a supplement to the regular medicine but can rather be a complement to it.
Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) is a disorder that causes a strong urge to move your legs. There is often an unpleasant feeling in the legs that generally improves with moving them. You generally get this feeling when you are resting and therefore it makes it hard to sleep.
Medical attention is necessary if things go out of hand and you are unable to bear the symptoms. However, there are crystals that can work as a complement to regular medicine and help you recover from this syndrome. These crystals ensure emotional and physical balance which automatically curbs your urge to move your legs. Few such crystals are mentioned below in detail:


Iolite Crystal
This wonderful stone helps to relax the hyperactive muscles. This stone is a good addition to your healing kit because it assists you in letting go of the belief that you cannot get over this syndrome and that you need to accept it as it is. It promotes a calm and positive state of mind and offers the emotional balance needed for a clearer perspective.


Hematite Crystal
This crystal has the ability to absorb any toxic emotions that are holding you back from your natural state of joy and vitality. This stone can clear away negative feelings from stress, anxiety and worry. This stone is ideal for treating leg cramps, anxiety and insomnia. It also aids in spinal alignment and fractures.

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz
This is the Universal Stone of Love that helps you to remain calm in stressful situations. The peaceful vibes of this stone calm your anxious mind so that you are able to remain stress-free and confident. This stone also relaxes your muscles so that you do not feel the urge to constantly move your legs.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz
This stone was used by ancient civilizations to relieve the pain from your legs. This stone encourages the healing of arthritis-related cramps and introduces positive simulation for the joints.
Other than these stones, there are also other stones like Chrysocolla which soothes in times of stress, Blue Calcite that soothes the nerves and lessens the anxieties or Amber that eases tension in the muscles. You need to figure out which crystal works for you which will enable you to tackle the RLS.

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