4 Healing Crystals For Breathing Difficulties

4 Healing Crystals For Breathing Difficulties

4 Healing Crystals For Breathing Difficulties

Disclaimer: Crystals cannot be used as a replacement to the doctor’s medicine but can be used as a complement to it.
Crystal has a wide variety of applications and treating breathing difficulties is one of them. These breathing difficulties can cause a host of symptoms such as a runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy and/or watery eyes, chest congestion, coughs, wheezing, labored breathing and shallow breathing.
Though these crystals do not cure your disorders like your regular medicines do but they do help to give you the emotional and physical strength required to tackle these disorders. These crystals motivate you to take the right steps that would help you recover from such illnesses. Following is a list of four such crystals that can help you to get relief from such breathing difficulties:


This master healer is well-known for its healing energies that calm apprehension, overcome stress etc. This crystal is used for treating diseases of the respiratory organs and with breathing difficulties. This crystal stimulates the immune system. Amethyst clusters can be placed in your home to keep the air and life force energy clean and positive, which contributes to easier breathing.


This is an excellent healing stone for breathing and lung problems, especially asthma and allergic reactions. This crystal absorbs negative energies and transmutes them into positive ones. This crystal brings healing where it is most needed and is helpful for repairing the mucous membrane and the lungs. This crystal resonates with the throat chakra and is a powerful cleanser and healer.


This crystal calms and reenergizes your energy systems while reducing mental tensions. This crystal is excellent for throat and chest tissues as it relaxes the body and emotions and allows your lungs and chest muscles to relax. This helps to ensure easier breathing and you feel active throughout the day.

Lapis Lazuli


This crystal is an ideal stone to alleviate stress and anxiety, which is the root cause of breathing problems for many. This crystal keeps your mind flowing with confident energies that keep you positive and calm. Lapis lazuli alleviates pain, boosts the immune system and benefits the respiratory system.

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