4 Important Information about Amethyst You Should Know Before Wearing One

4 Important Information about Amethyst You Should Know Before Wearing One

Amethyst is probably the most popular gemstone used worldwide. The magnificent, purple or violet gemstone is not only beautiful to look at; it has its own share of properties and powers.

Amethyst comes from the Greek word ‘amethystos’ which means non-intoxicating. The stone is used as a protection against any kind of intoxication or addiction. The violet color of the stone varies from light to dark and even to reddish purple and every color is one of its kinds.

The Amethyst stone is found around the world but more popularly in India, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, Argentine, Myanmar, Uruguay, and Russia.

Why use Amethyst

Amethyst is used for protection, yes, but there are various other benefits of wearing the gemstone. Amethyst

  • Is a natural healing stone
  • Eliminates stress
  • Aids spiritual growth
  • Brings peace, serenity, and calmness
  • Is a great meditational tool
  • Cleanses the energies around us
  • Cleans our aura
  • Removes negativity from our homes, offices, and vehicles.
  • Gets rid of mood swings, anxiety, fear, and such other negative emotions
  • Aids decision making
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Attracts positive energies

How to reap benefits from the gemstone

Amethyst gemstone is fairly the least expensive gemstone and is easily available too. Follow these methods to reap its multiple benefits.

  • By gazing the stone for a few minutes each day improve your eyesight
  • Amethyst, in the form of jewelry, acts as your personal protection tool
  • Placing an Amethyst stone in your house or the workplace will fill it with positive energies and make the space tranquil and peaceful
  • Placing the stone underneath the pillow while sleeping will help in sleeping better and will cleanse your mind and body of negativity

How to wear Amethyst stone

Amethyst has powers but the true powers can be reaped only by using it in the correct form. Before wearing Amethyst or using an Amethyst stone, it needs to be purified and cleaned to free it from any residue negative energies it might have picked up during previous use.

Silver is the best metal to be worn with Amethyst and depending upon the purpose, the weight and shape should be worn.

Caring for your Amethyst

Caring for your gemstone is primary if you want to preserve its shine, aura, and the powers. Similarly, Amethyst also requires little attention and care and love for it to spread its magic.

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