4 Most Effective Crystals For Spirit Communication

4 Most Effective Crystals For Spirit Communication

There are a lot of ways to connect effectively with the spiritual realm and healing crystals are the best medium to do so.
You can make this connection while dreaming, meditating or even while having a conversation with someone. It also depends on your ability to put yourself in a meditative state.
The healing crystals mentioned below help you to develop an effective bond with the spiritual world:

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli
This energy stone was widely used by the Pharaohs of Egypt, for its powerful ability to bring about insight and spiritual transformation. This crystal is still considered as a stone of royalty and helps to bring awareness to the soul, activates the third eye and enhances intuition.
This gemstone is well-known for enhancing psychic senses, recalling past life and deepening meditation. This is an ideal stone for anyone who is interested in opening the third eye.


This is an energy stone that can aid in awakening one's psychic gifts. This is one of the best stones for shamanic journeying as it helps to increase the vividness of one’s visions. It helps with past life and karmic work by calling to surface fears one must face in order to grow spiritually.
This is a crystal stone of the third eye chakra and helps to connect conscious thinking and is a good stone for astral travel and astral projection.


This purple crystal is associated with the crown chakra and spiritual pursuits. Called as the “Stone of Sobriety”, amethyst has been used for thousands of years to connect with the spirit realm. It also strengthens the mind and brings cosmic consciousness into the physical body.
Associated with the yellow light ray, it is one of the four gemstones that are recommended for connecting to Jophiel, the archangel of beautiful thinking.


The name itself is enough to tell that this stone is used to connect with the Angelic Realm. With its unique and milky-blue colouring, meditating with Angelite can connect you with the green light ray.
Angelite crystal will help you to connect with your spiritual guides and seek assistance from them.

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