4 Most Famous Australian Gemstones

4 Most Famous Australian Gemstones

Australia is not only about Kangaroos and beaches. It is a land that is abundant in precious gemstones and many that are originated in this beautiful country. There are plenty of gemstones that are mined in Australia, including Rubies, Diamonds, Pearls, Sapphires, Opals, and Jades.

Australians love gemstones and many have taken collecting gemstones as a hobby and if you too love collecting gemstones and are in Australia, either living there or on a vacation, be sure to pick up some gorgeous, unpolished, and raw gemstones from there.

Here are 4 of the most famous gemstones found in Australia that have widespread popularity in and around Australia.

  1. Opal

The national gemstone of Australia, Opal is mainly mined in the Australian continent. It symbolizes the continent in every way. There are different varieties of Opals mined in Australia such as black opals, white opals, matrix opals, crystal opals, and boulder opals. In fact, the opals are mined in such extensive quantities that most jewelry collections in the store have specialized opal counters. One can find Opal mines in Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge and Andamooka areas.

  1. Rubies

The red beauty, Rubies are found in abundance in the Australian continent. Many places in and around New South Wales has huge mines where Rubies can be mined including areas like New England, Macquarie, Cudgegong Rivers, and Tumbarumba. Gloucester also has huge mines of Rubies in Australia.

  1. Diamonds

Diamond is the hardest gemstone that is available anywhere and simply the most preferred too. It is often said that Diamonds are girl’s best friend and it is true, who doesn’t like sorry love diamonds. The glittering gemstone is used to set jewel pieces like necklaces, pendants rings, and bracelets amongst others.

Western Australia is the biggest producer of Argyle diamonds in terms of volume.

  1. Pearl

A pearl combined with any gemstone looks stunning and makes any jewelry piece look astonishingly beautiful. Australia is one of the largest producers of Pearls in the world and as far as history goes, it has been mining Pearls since the 19th century.

Queensland and Western Australia are the prominent locations for Pearl mining and it has spread to other areas of the continent including northern Australia.

Australian pearls have a gold hue in them and a few varieties also bear a pinkish tint in them.

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