4 Must-Have Crystals For A Soothing Third-Eye Chakra

4 Must-Have Crystals For A Soothing Third-Eye Chakra

There are a lot of healing stones that can be used to open, activate and balance the chakra system.
The Third Eye chakra is the sixth chakra in the human body & it governs your sixth sense.This chakra gives you the power of intuition & governs your psychic abilities.
Following is a list of energy stones that can soothe your third-eye chakra.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz
This crystal stone is one of the most sought after stones in the healing crystal industry. This energy stone works to enhance, clear and awaken all your chakras.
When placed on the third eye chakra, Clear Quartz helps to enhance the power of your thought going out of the universe.
This crystal enhances your spiritual growth and acts as a teacher for you on your path. Wearing this stone will protect you from the toxic elements in your surroundings like jealousy, envy, etc.


This is a highly protective and spiritual stone and will enhance and awaken your psychic abilities while protecting your aura and shielding it from negative influences.
This supportive stone of transformation works with the Third-eye to bring a greater understanding of purposes.
You can place this crystal on your third-eye chakra during meditation to go into a deeper state and to enhance your intellect.


Called as the stone of spirituality, amethyst calms the mind while allowing the soul to awaken.
It is the most common crystal to be used with the 3rd eye chakra as it can bring balance & harmony to this chakra & contributes to the clarity of mind & psychic opening.
This gemstone helps to open the gate from the brow to the crown and beyond. It helps to relax the mind and calms the stresses of the body.


This healing stone is very popular as a third-eye chakra stone in the field of crystal healing. Moldavite can clear, open and activate the third-eye chakra by bringing a connection to the higher realms.
This energy stone can clear blockages from all the chakras, activates and aligns the chakras and connects the heart to the third-eye chakra.
Placing moldavite on your third-eye chakra can help to perfect its functioning, bringing more vivid dreams and a deeper meaning to life.

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