4 Powerful Healing Crystals For Eczema

4 Powerful Healing Crystals For Eczema

4 Powerful Healing Crystals For Eczema

Disclaimer: Eczema is a serious medical condition and urgent medical attention is necessary if any symptoms are seen. Crystals do not act as a replacement but rather act as a complement to doctor’s medicine.
Eczema or dermatitis is a condition characterized by dry, hot and itchy skin in mild cases and broken, raw and bleeding skin in worse cases. To establish that you have this condition, you need to be guided in the proper aids and management of this skin condition.
There are a few crystals that are found to be helpful in relieving and improving cases of eczema. With the daily application of the light and energy of these precious stones, it appeals to the healing process of the skin cells on a subatomic level. Some of these crystals are mentioned below in detail:


This crystal aids in treating juvenile acne, dandruff, hair loss, flaky skin and allergies. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of this crystal, it heals skin eruptions, rosacea and arthritis pain. Leave this crystal in the water overnight and wash your skin and hair with the energetically charged water to promote cell growth and regeneration. Blue, yellow and green aventurine are the most beneficial for skin and body.


This stone is called the master healer for a reason. This stone is a favorite choice for many healers as it can help relieve breathing disorders, depression, mental conditions and hyperactivity. Amethyst aids in the treatment of skin infections, upset stomach and heart diseases. This stone is useful because it fights bacteria, reduces toxic load and promotes positive thinking and supports cellular regeneration.


This crystal is known as the Stone of Warrior and is beneficial in cleansing your blood, curing skin rashes and improving eyesight. This crystal helps to eliminate toxins from your body and supports organ function. In ancient times, this crystal was associated with the “Blood of the Christ” due to its healing properties. It boosts the immune system, enhances nutrient absorption and protects from infections.


This is a crystal that has been associated with balance, wisdom, serenity, positive thinking and love. It dissipates negative energy, aligns all the chakras, relieves anxiety and promotes tissue growth. Due to its detoxifying effects and anti-inflammatory properties, turquoise helps reduce acne, sore throat and also eases joint pain.

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