5 Best Crystals For Taurus And Gemini

5 Best Crystals For Taurus And Gemini

Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac and it takes place right in the middle of spring (April 20th to May 20th). It is symbolized the bull because people with Taurus sun sign are strong-willed and hardworking but quiet.
The Taurians bring happiness and warmth into everyone’s life and are full of joyous attitude. Taurus is also known to be stubborn energy and are adamant in nature.
This energy can become stagnant if they don’t allow themselves to be open to new people, ideas and opportunities. They are also responsible, respectful, practical and down to earth.
Gemini is the third sign in the zodiac, coming after the new beginnings of Aries and the slow and steady consistency of Taurus.  The Gemini sun sign is represented by the Twins, which explains why Geminis are often said to have split personalities and quick-changing moods.
The Gemini nature is playful, curious, and quick-witted. They are intelligent and wise, and they are always thinking through or learning something new.
Following is a list of five Taurus and Gemini crystals that can enhance their natural gifts and improve their weaknesses

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli
The energy of Taurus & Gemini wants you to be happy with what you have and not look beyond that because there is nothing better than the comfort that already surrounds you.
This healing stone can be used to open the Third-eye chakra which frees your intuition and inner power to guide you.


This energy crystal helps Taurus sun signs to love themselves. This stone exhibits energy which is similar to the Gemini and therefore it enhances their natural tendencies of love, compassion, generosity, and responsibility.
Rhodonite provides support and guides you toward fully loving yourself and others. This healing gemstone is strongly associated with the same energies as Taurus.


This protection stone provides protects to Taurus signs both physically and emotionally. It prevents them from doubting themselves and brings out their spiritual side, which in turn, enhances their loving and joyful nature.
This healing stone also offers strength and stability and brings them a spot of good luck. Jade helps to balance all the aspects of the life of the Taurians.

Rose Quartz

rose quartz
This love stone is strongly associated with Taurus because of its gentle loving energy and ability to help you to be more compassionate. It also helps the Gemini sun sign to release fears and worries and bring them emotional healing.
Rose quartz emits gentle and loving energy that boosts their compassion and opens them up to receiving and giving love and kindness.


This soothing stone promotes growth and transformation and helps them to step out of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams. This stone benefits them by removing limiting beliefs that are holding them back from attracting and accepting new opportunities.
Malachite also helps to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and helps to bring in balance, especially in the heart chakra.

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