5 Best Healing Crystals For Aquarius Zodiac Sign

5 Best Healing Crystals For Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Aquarius enters at the start of the year and brings with it the winds of change.
The Aquarius symbol is of a water bearer, which symbolizes the washing away of the past to bring in a new future.
This sign falls between Capricorn and Pisces and embodies both of these signs. Capricorns are strict, hard-working while Pisces are a little soft. Aquarius takes both these qualities which makes them difficult to comprehend.
They are unpredictable and rebellious. These qualities might land them into complicated situations which is why it is necessary to keep them in check. Healing Crystals are a great way of dealing with such behavioral changes.
Following is a list of energy crystals that are helpful for Aquarius



This is a wonderful healing stone to receive spiritual guidance.
This crystal can help you to determine what changes to make as you move into a new phase of the year. Amethyst is also good for grounding the air and water energy at the start of the year.
Besides this, Amethyst also helps to transmute the negative thoughts inside an Aquarius’s mind and converts them into positive ones.



This is a crystal for the Throat chakra. It helps with communication and releases long-held resentments and emotions.
This blue stone is especially useful for travelers who are attracted to the sea as it protects and magnetizes the power of the moon and spiritual illumination.
This healing gemstone is useful for Aquarians because it helps to turn their thoughts into reality.



This healing stone aids with intuition, dreaming, relaxation, calming the mind, emotional balance, and reactions.
It channels the goddess energy from the moon and the moon is strongly associated with water, just like Aquarius.
Moonstone is useful for enhancing all the wonderful Aquarius energy.



This is a powerful healer and protects the mind while clearing it of anxiety, hypertension and promotes the release of negative energy.
This crystal stone is very warming, grounding and eases stress and fear. This stone helps the Aquarius connect with earth energy.
This energy stone carries ancient wisdom that the highly intuitive Aquarius can tap into and wear when creating something good for themselves.


blue apatite

This energy crystal reminds the Aquarius to serve the greater good, for themselves, for others and the rest of the world.
If you are thinking about making changes, then you will look at things in a different way when the sun is in Aquarius.
Apatite helps Aquarius to focus on the big picture and keep a positive attitude about making changes that will help them to make things better for themselves and others.

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