A Special Gift Set from Orgonite Crystals

A Special Gift Set from Orgonite Crystals

Orgonite Crystals has been set up with the intent of providing the best orgone energy generating products and healing crystals to our customers. Our aim is to help each person enjoy positive vibes in their daily life and achieve success.

To help each of our customers to experience the best in their lives, we have a good collection of products that come under categories  like pyramidspendantsnecklacebraceletsdodecahedronsobelisks, and crystal gift sets. You can purchase from these collections for your personal use or for gifting to someone and helping them improve their lives.

One of the Crystal gift sets products that you can purchase from us is the ORGONE BLACK TOURMALINE-SELENITE PYRAMID PENDANT AND BRACELET. This crystal gift is designed and developed with the utmost care so that each person who purchases or is gifted this could experience the best positive energy in life. Now, let us take a look at the benefits of this gift set:

  • Protects From EMF Radiation - The Orgonite Crystals that you purchase from us has the ability to protect you from cancer-causing EMF radiation. EMF radiation would be emitted by the gadgets and devices we use every day like cell phone, Wi-Fi routers, computer, and network towers other electric devices, etc.
  • Protects from Psychic Attacks - Black Tourmaline crystal that the products are made of has the ability to protect the individual from the many negative energies that attack them psychologically and calms their body.
  • Cleanses the Root Chakra - The Black Tourmaline crystal is associated with the “root chakra”. Balancing and cleaning this chakra helps us to feel grounded and secure.
  • Generates Positive Energy - Black Tourmaline crystal and the Orgone energy together creates a vibration that absorbs all surrounding negative energy and transmutes them into positive energy that keeps us and all other living beings energetic.
  • Clears all Energy Blockages - The genuine Selenite crystals in the product has the Chakra power to clear the all negative blockages inside our body and bring calmness and positivity to the body.
  • Protects against Negative Entities - The Selenite crystal has protective abilities that won’t let any environmental negative entities to be present in it’s surrounding areas and protects the area.
  • Helps in Meditation - The three Orgonite devices with this gift set helps make your meditation more energetic and spiritual.

This is a wonderful piece of a gift set that you can gift your loved ones. The ORGONE BLACK TOURMALINE-SELENITE PYRAMID PENDANT AND BRACELET can be purchased for $99.95 as against its original price of $199.95, thereby helping you save 50%.

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