A Stone Age Wonder - Preseli Bluestone as a Healing Powerhouse!

A Stone Age Wonder - Preseli Bluestone as a Healing Powerhouse!

Have you ever heard of Preseli Bluestone? It's a type of stone found only in the Preseli Hills of Wales, and it has been used for centuries by ancient cultures like the Celts.

From providing protection against negative energy to aiding spiritual growth, there's no wonder why so many people around the world still seek out Preseli Bluestone today.

In addition to its spiritual benefits, this beautiful gem also offers physical healing powers that can help with anything from pain relief to emotional stress relief. That being said, there are certain precautions one should take when handling or using bluestone due to its potential potency.

Whether you're looking for a new source of healing power or just want to know more about this special gemstone - keep reading for further details!

Definition Of Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone is an ancient rock found in the Preseli Hills of Wales. It's a unique and powerful stone that holds many healing powers, connecting us to the energy of our ancestors. With its vibrant hue and ethereal presence, Preseli Bluestone has been revered for centuries as a spiritual talisman and source of strength. So what exactly does this remarkable stone mean?

According to experts, preseli bluestone is believed to be 489 million years old and was formed during the Cambrian period when Pembrokeshire was part of a different continent than it is today. This means that its age predates Stonehenge by over 200 million years!

Its mysterious past gives it an almost mythical vibe - like something from another world entirely. The meaning behind preseli bluestone comes down to two things: its color and vibration. The deep blue-gray hues are said to represent wisdom, insight, truth, clarity, protection, courage, love, balance and harmony.

Meanwhile, its vibrations promote positive energies while providing protection from negative influences. As such, preseli bluestone can help enhance your intuition so you can make decisions with confidence and trust in yourself.

At the same time though, preseli bluestone also serves as a reminder of our connection to nature; reminding us all that we're never truly alone but rather constantly surrounded by forces bigger than ourselves.

By using these stones in rituals or simply carrying them around on our person we become more grounded and connected with both our inner selves as well as Mother Earth herself.

Sources Of The Stone

Now that we've established what preseli bluestone is, let's explore the sources of this unique stone. Preseli bluestone is most commonly sourced from two locations in Wales – Carn Menyn and Craig Rhos-y-felin.

The Carn Menyn quarry was discovered by archeologists to have been mined up to 5,000 years ago because of its convenient location near a major hillfort. It has since become one of the primary sources for preseli bluestone today.

Craig Rhos-y-felin, another major source of the stone, was identified as a potential supplier back in 2008 when archaeologists uncovered an ancient workings site dating all the way back to 2800 BC. This particular quarry is believed to be the original source for Stonehenge’s iconic Bluestones, which makes it a particularly exciting discovery for historians and geologists alike.

In addition to these two main quarries, there are several other smaller mining sites scattered across Pembrokeshire where traces of preseli bluestone can still be found today. These include: Ffynnon Beuno Quarry at Mynydd Preseli; Cilgwyn Quarries near Newport; Carreg y Big on Garn Fawr Mountain; and Pont Saeson Quarry near Fishguard.

All four of these sites have revealed evidence indicating they were used thousands of years ago in order to mine large amounts of preseli bluestone blocks and slabs for construction purposes. The history behind preseli bluestone is long and fascinating - it has been used throughout human civilization since prehistoric times!

Although much mystery still surrounds exactly how and why this special stone was first selected as a building material so many centuries ago, current research indicates it may have had spiritual or religious significance due to its healing properties and uses.

History And Significance

The history and significance of Preseli Bluestone is deeply rooted in its cultural ties to the region. It has been an important part of Welsh culture for centuries, and even today it remains a popular choice among locals when choosing building materials or jewelry.

Here are four interesting facts about Preseli Bluestone:

  1. The stones were originally quarried by ancient Britons from the nearby hills some 5,000 years ago;
  2. This type of stone was used to construct Stonehenge, one of Britain's most iconic monuments;
  3. Ancient Celts believed that these rocks had healing powers due to their magical properties;
  4. Preseli Bluestone has held great importance in local mythology as well - it is seen as a symbol of protection and strength within the community.

Furthermore, its spiritual nature means that many still believe it holds special power which can help them lead better lives. Ultimately, this beautiful bluestone carries a strong sense of tradition with each piece being truly unique - something that will never be forgotten!

Physical Characteristics

The shape of the stone is fairly regular and can be described as roundish or ovoidal with lots of small indentations along its surface. When cut into thin slices, these indentations become even more pronounced giving it an almost crystalline structure. In terms of chemical composition, preseli bluestone contains quartzite, mica, feldspar, clay minerals and other trace elements such as iron oxides and carbonates. These components interact together to give this unique rock its special properties and healing capabilities.

Overall, preseli bluestone stands out among many stones for its vibrant colors, distinctive shapes and interesting textures - all contributing to make this captivating gemstone quite unlike any other!

Metaphysical Properties

I'm drawn to the metaphysical properties of Preseli Bluestone. This unique type of stone can be used for spiritual healing, astral projection and aura cleansing. It's also known as an effective tool for purification, protection and energy balance.

Preseli Bluestone is a powerful crystal that helps us access our inner strength and personal power. It can help open our third eye chakra, allowing us to connect with higher realms of consciousness and channel divine guidance from Source.

When using this stone in meditation or prayer, its calming vibrations can bring peace and clarity to one’s mental state. The protective energies of Preseli Bluestone make it ideal for use in crystal grids. Placing the stones around your home or sacred space creates a shield that helps guard against negative influences while promoting positive energy flow throughout the area.

Additionally, placing multiple stones on your body during Reiki sessions will amplify the healing process even further. This amazing stone has so much to offer!

Whether you're looking to enhance your spiritual connection or seeking protection from external forces, Preseli Bluestone is sure to meet all your needs. Its unique vibration allows us to tap into ancient wisdom and experience profound transformation on many levels – physical, emotional and spiritual alike!

Benefits For Health And Well-Being

The physical benefits of this amazing stone include relief from pain, stress reduction, improved circulation, enhanced immunity and increased vitality. It also helps in detoxifying the body while aiding digestion and absorption of nutrients.

The energetic properties of Preseli Bluestone are said to bring balance into our lives by harmonizing the energies within us. This makes it a great choice for those looking to achieve greater inner peace or clarity on life decisions.

On an emotional level, Preseli Bluestone can be used to promote self-love, compassion and acceptance. Its calming vibrations reduce anxiety while helping to clear negative emotions and blockages that prevent us from achieving true happiness.

Additionally, its energizing properties aid in cultivating positive thoughts and intentions so we can manifest our dreams more easily. From a spiritual perspective, Preseli Bluestone enables us to connect deeply with ourselves and tap into higher realms of consciousness such as intuition or divine guidance.

By tapping into these states of being we open ourselves up to new possibilities which allow us to live more authentically aligned with our truth. With regular use over time you will find yourself living in closer alignment with your highest potentials!

How To Use For Healing Purposes

First off, Preseli Bluestone is known to possess powerful metaphysical energies. To activate these energies, hold the stone in your hands and focus on your intention or goal while visualizing what outcome you want. You can also meditate with the stone in order to absorb its calming vibrations and open yourself up to receive healing energy from the crystal.

When using Preseli Bluestone for healing purposes, try placing it directly on your body where it’s needed. This will help direct the energy into those areas requiring healing. You may also find that sleeping with a piece of Preseli Bluestone placed beside your bed helps promote restful sleep as well as improved physical health by providing energy throughout the night.

Another way to benefit from PreseliBluestoneis to create an elixir out of it by soaking a piece in water overnight; then drink the resulting liquid first thing in themorningto invigorate yourself and give yourself an energetic boost for the day ahead!

The great thing about using crystals for their therapeutic benefits is that they never lose their potency so feel free to experiment with different methods until you find one that works best for you.

Cleansing And Charging The Stone

Setting the stage for a successful cleansing and charging process of your Preseli Bluestone is like taking two steps forward.

The first step in this process is to give it a good clean, much like starting with a blank canvas. To do this, you will need some salt water (sea or kosher salt) and white vinegar. This combination makes an effective cleanser that can be used on all types of stones.

The second step for preparing your stone is to charge it up, which is the key to unlocking its hidden properties.

* Place the bluestone out under the full moon light overnight * Pass it through incense smoke

* Visualize energy flowing into the stone while focusing on its intended purpose

Remember that there isn't one right way when it comes to cleansing and charging your Preseli Bluestone - so feel free to experiment until you find what works best for you!


With consistent effort and positive intentions, you'll soon be ready to experience all of the healing benefits that come along with owning a Preseli Bluestone!

Connecting With The Bluestone’S Energy

Now that you have cleansed and charged your Preseli Bluestone, it’s time to start connecting with its energy. This connection can be achieved in various ways; however, the most effective way is through meditation.

When meditating, focus on the stone’s energy properties, such as strength, courage, protection and healing. Visualise this energy radiating from the stone into every corner of your body and soul.

When accessing the stone's energy properties during meditation, try visualising a purplish-blue light surrounding the bluestone. This light will represent the powerful universal energies associated with this gemstone.

Take some deep breaths while focusing on these energies and allow yourself to connect deeply with them. You may even notice a slight tingling sensation around your body or within your heart chakra area; if so, trust this feeling and let it guide you further into connecting with the bluestone's energy.

It is important to remember that when we are working with any type of crystal or gemstone energy, there should always be an exchange between both parties - not just one-way communication from us alone.

As such, take some quiet moments after each meditation session to give thanks for what you have received from the bluestone's energies and make sure to thank it for all that has been shared between you both.

Show gratitude by offering something back – whether it be a grateful thought or perhaps even a physical gesture like placing flowers near the bluestone in appreciation of its presence in your life!

Once you feel like you have established a strong relationship with your preseli bluestone's energy then you can move onto using this special bond to bring forth positive transformation in your life; whether this is manifesting specific goals or intentions or simply enjoying having extra guidance along this journey called life!

Combining Preseli Bluestone With Other Stones

Combining preseli bluestone with other stones can be beneficial to your overall health. Combining the healing properties of different crystals and minerals can create a powerful energy that works synergistically together to offer unique health benefits. Preseli bluestone is no exception, as it has its own set of healing attributes when combined with other stones.

When combining preseli bluestone with another stone, you should consider the type of stones you are using and their particular healing properties so that they work well together. For example, amethyst is known for its calming and stress-relieving effects while rose quartz is believed to promote emotional balance and harmony.

When used in combination, they could help reduce anxiety or stress levels more effectively than either one alone would provide. The process of combining preseli bluestone with other stones begins by placing each crystal on top of the other on a flat surface such as a table or countertop.

Place both hands around them and allow yourself to absorb their energies for several moments before releasing them into your environment where they will do their best work. You may also want to meditate with these crystals together for an even stronger effect.

Preseli bluestone's ability to combine forces with other crystals makes it especially useful in spiritual practices such as meditation and ritual use, allowing users to gain access to multiple sources of power at once. It’s important to remember though, whatever you choose must match the intention behind your practice for maximum effectiveness and benefit.

With careful consideration and respect for what each individual stone offers, you can reap great rewards from this union of complementary energies!

Practical Uses In Everyday Life

  • Regularly meditating with preseli bluestone helps strengthen intuition and gain clarity on difficult decisions.
  • Wearing or carrying pieces of the preseli bluestone as jewelry encourages emotional balance and harmony throughout your day-to-day life.
  • Keeping a piece of preseli bluestone near you while working or studying is said to bring good luck and boost creativity. These are just some examples of how you can integrate this special stone into your daily routine.

Preseli Bluestone has many more potential practical applications that could benefit anyone looking for guidance, hope, courage, strength — whatever they may need from day to day!

Whether you want to use it for physical needs or spiritual reasons, this powerful crystal won't disappoint. So don't hesitate— feel free to incorporate it into your regular lifestyle however feels right for you!

Caring For Your Preseli Bluestone

Caring for your Preseli Bluestone is an essential part of keeping its healing properties strong and potent. Protecting it from physical damage, maintaining its energy flow, storing it in a safe place, and cleansing it regularly are all important steps to take when caring for this sacred stone.

Avoid using paper because this material may stick to the stone if stored too long and make cleaning more difficult later on. It's best not to leave your Preseli Bluestone exposed where children and pets can reach it as they could accidentally drop or scratch the crystal unknowingly.

Maintaining the energy flow of the Preseli Bluestone is crucial so that you can reap all its benefits. It is recommended that you hold or touch the stone every few weeks at least so that you stay connected with its positive energies.

You can also do things like meditate with it near you which helps restore balance in your life while recharging both yourself and the crystal simultaneously.

When storing your Preseli Bluestone, pick an area that has low light exposure but still allows some kind of air circulation around it - whether outdoors or indoors doesn't matter as long as there's no direct sunlight hitting the crystal directly for prolonged periods of time; otherwise, discoloration may occur due to fading caused by UV rays.

Consider placing other crystals alongside your bluestone that share similar frequencies since they help amplify each other’s powers even further! Finally, cleanse the crystal periodically - sage smoke works particularly well here -to clear out old energy buildup and infuse fresh vibrations into them once again .

With these simple yet effective ways of taking care of the precious gemstone, you are sure to benefit greatly from its spiritual gifts now and far into the future!

Working With A Professional Practitioner

Working with a professional practitioner can be an incredibly powerful and healing experience.

- Accessing powerful energies and new ways of perceiving yourself - Discovering deeper connections between your physical body and emotional state

- Uncovering hidden blocks or patterns that you weren't aware of before - Exploring positive changes in attitude and behavior

Having someone who is trained in reading the messages held within preseli bluestone can often provide insight into our life’s journey, enabling us to make shifts towards greater alignment with our authentic self.

From there, it's possible to unlock more potential within ourselves as well as find peace in any situation. Working with a practitioner means having the support necessary to help guide us through difficult times while helping us stay connected to what truly matters most - living our truth.

No matter how much knowledge one has about Preseli Bluestone, it’s important to remember that its power lies beyond explanation and cannot be accessed without personal effort.

A practitioner provides guidance so this process is smoother for each individual but ultimately, everyone must take responsibility for their own growth and transformation. With dedication and commitment, the possibilities become endless!

Where To Find Authentic Preseli Bluestone

Finding authentic Preseli Bluestone can be tricky. It's essential to know where and how to look for genuine stones so you don't end up with a fake.

Luckily, there are several reliable sources that sell real Preseli Bluestone. First off, if you're looking for the real thing then it is best to purchase from an established supplier who specializes in this type of stone. They will have knowledge on its healing properties and uses as well they should guarantee authenticity.

Professional websites that offer these services usually also provide detailed product descriptions which make it easy to distinguish between real and counterfeit pieces.

Another option is searching online shops or marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy which may have listings for Preseli Bluestone but you should always check the seller's reviews before buying anything; a good rule of thumb is to avoid sellers with negative feedbacks.

Additionally, some local stores might stock genuine bluestones too - ask around your area and see what comes up! Lastly, another way of finding authentic stones is by attending gem fairs or crystal shows near you; here vendors showcase a wide variety of natural stones and crystals and often include Preseli Bluestone among their collection.

You can talk directly to the suppliers about any questions regarding its origin or quality while having direct access to view each piece beforehand – making sure that you get exactly what you’re looking for!


Working with a professional practitioner can help guide us on this journey; however it’s important to find an authentic source when purchasing your own stones for personal use.

Anecdotally speaking, I remember one particular day where I was feeling overwhelmed by life's challenges. After meditating with my preseli bluestone, I felt almost immediately calmer and more focused - like the weight had been lifted off my shoulders! The metaphor here being that despite its small size, preseli bluestone packs a mighty punch when it comes to helping empower us through difficult times.

Overall, this magical gemstone offers so much potential for growth and transformation; if you're looking for something special that will bring clarity into your life then look no further than preseli bluestone!

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