Alexandrite : A royal and balancing crystal

Alexandrite : A royal and balancing crystal

Alexandrite: A Royal and Balancing Crystal

Alexandrite is a stone that is known to bring balance between your physical world and the spiritual world. This crystal will unlock your Crown chakra and allow you access to the healing energy and loving support of the universe.
This crystal reminds you that you should fill your life with happy moments and should surround yourself by people who love you back.
This stone is named after the Russian Tsar Alexander II as this was his favourite stone. This is a unique stone that appears green in daylight and purple in artificial light. This is the reason it is said to be an emerald by day and an amethyst in the evening.
This crystal is found in Alaotra lake in Madagascar, Zimbabwe and a few places in Europe. The largest and most beautiful group of alexandrite crystals was found in the Urals.
Alexandrite is a very useful stone for a relationship as it makes you realize who is there for you and who isn’t. It gives you a better insight in the situation and allows you to enjoy your life to the fullest.
Alexandrite helps you to find your personal balance, both in the heart and the spirit. It teaches you to evaluate things better, without taking extreme positions. This stone attracts happiness and success and helps you to achieve your goals.
If you are an artist, then alexandrite is very important for you. This creative stone enhances your way of thinking and paves way for new and exciting ideas. If you feel vulnerable and targeted, this stone not only protects you but also helps work on your self-esteem and the ability to stand up for yourself.
Alexandrite is regarded as a symbol of royalty and should decisively promote our thirst for knowledge, the desire for prudence and bring order into mental chaos. It will bring in wealth and success but will also ensure that you have the emotional peace to enjoy it.

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