All You Want To Know About Geopathic Stress And Orgonites

All You Want To Know About Geopathic Stress And Orgonites

Everyone has stress in some form or the other but; do we all know the reason for every stress we get? Ever thought we might have due to earth energies or rather lack of it or due to some imbalance in these energies?

Geopathic stress, although an unfamiliar term to many, is not something new. It comes from two words, Geo and Pathic meaning Earth and diseases and its treatment, respectively. Thus, Geopathic stress is simply the bridge between human beings and the Earth energies.

What is Geopathic stress?

Our Earth resonates with energies from its own electromagnetic fields and any imbalance in these energies has adverse effects on the human body. The underground sewage systems, tunnels, tectonic faults, and minerals cause these imbalances that give rise to Geopathic stress which affect the physical and mental health of human beings ranging from insomnia, depression, fatigue, diabetes, to cancer.

There is energy all around us; we feel the energy in everything we touch. And, all this energy is derived from the sun, moon, planets, minerals, and water. These energies are responsible for human well-being and any imbalance and distortion causes Geopathic stress.

Effects of Geopathic stress

The Geopathic stress works to weaken our immunity systems due to an imbalance in the Earth energies and the energies that enter our bodies and this becomes the root cause of many of our ailments. Although the effects may not be quite visible, Geopathic stress can be the cause of our general aches and pains and make it difficult for us to respond to treatments and therapies.

Generally, Geopathic stress causes unexplained headaches, stress, anxiety, restlessness, aches, fatigue, insomnia, impatience, muscular conditions among others.

Using Orgonites as a remedial measure for Geopathic stress

Orgonites are known to protect the human bodies from the Electromagnetic pollution that arises due to the gadgets, gizmos, and appliances that surround us. Placing an Orgonite pyramid in your room or office can help in preventing the EMP from affecting us.

Employing the principles of Vaastu Shastra and placing the Orgonites strategically will help in getting rid of Geopathic stress and thereby, improving human well-being. Clubbing the Vaastu Shastra principles with orgonite will bring peace, harmony, tranquillity, and balance within your home and office.

Practice yoga to create a balance of mind and body and the earth energies to get rid of the Geopathic stress.


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