Are There Any Harmful Effects of Orgonite

Are There Any Harmful Effects of Orgonite

For many years now, orgone energy has been known as a universal life force that is capable of turning negative energies into positive ones and send it out into the atmosphere. There are various theories surrounding the subtle energies, particularly because there is no scientific method to measure the energy and prove its effects.Generations of people have experienced the effects of subtle energies and have reported about their effects.

Is Orgonite Harmful?

Orgonite is derived from the term “orgone” which was coined by Wilhem Reich. It is a life-force energy which is believed to exist in healthy and stagnant form. The healthy form of energy is known as POR (Positive Orgone Energy) and the stagnant one is DOR (Deadly Orgone).

Orgonite/Orgone Devices are made up of resin, metal shavings and quartz crystals.  They are capable of transmuting the negative energy into positive one. Positive energies cause a number of benefits to the surroundings.

  • In human beings, orgonite is known to induce better sleep patterns. The presence of orgonite helps a person to sleep through the night and reduces the number of waking considerably.
  • Orgonites  are known to reduce the ill-effects of EMFs . It does not reduce the radiations as such, but can reduce their harmful effects. Orgonites can specifically be helpful; for people who are sensitive to emissions.
  • Orgonites are known to accelerate the growth of plants in many cases. Yet another positive impact of orgonite can be seen on foods. It acts as a preservative and foods remain fresh for longer than usual.
  • Orgonite remove the energy blockages from the body. Once the blockages are released there is a gush of fresh and positive energy, a person feels happy and content.

Just like how too much of anything can be alarming, the same goes with Orgonite. One can have as many orgonite as they wish. But stay alert that you may sometimes experience temporary discomfort, as too much of anything is not good. In the presence of too much energy, the effects can be felt strongly. Hence, it is best to use Orgonite in nominal amounts and make the most of it.

One can benefit their house, workplace, and environment all with Orgonite. In fact, Orgonite have effect on all the living beings, including animals.



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