Awaken Your Inner Gifts With Lemurian Quartz

Awaken Your Inner Gifts With Lemurian Quartz

Lemurians came to earth from higher dimensions of pure love. They descended from the stars to inhabit the earth and maintain connections to star civilizations.
Lemurians entered the Earth plane through a portal in the vortices of Earth’s crystalline grid, which is a direct gateway to an intricate portal network connecting with star systems.
Quartz crystals were used by these people as healing tools. They used crystal pyramids to focus light energy through the crystal apex and direct it where it was needed the most.
Lemurian Quartz is originally from Sierra Do Cabral mountain in the Diamantina area of Minas Gerais, Brazil. It is also mined in countries like Columbia, India, Madagascar, the Pacific Northwest, etc.
This energy crystal is identified by its ladder-like horizontal striations on one or more faces of a naturally formed crystal. It is in these striations that memory records are saved.
These healing stones can be used to activate old memories. Lemurian Quartz also helps you to connect to Lemurian consciousness, possibly your own Lemurian origin as well as Sirius.
Meditating and working with Lemurian Quartz crystals will open a gateway portal to remembering your soul family origins. Everyone’s perception and understanding of this crystal are different.
You need to trust in the process and in your intuition and trust in the Universe. In time, you will start to sense the knowledge of new information from the energy stone.
In case you feel drawn towards it, do not turn away, instead heed the call of your highest purpose. You need to pay close attention to all the messages you receive while working with Lemurian Quartz.
Your guides are directing through your intuition, dreams, and visions, sending your messages about healing and your personal journey. Focus on your intuitive awareness and you will get all the answers you seek from this crystal stone.

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