Azurite – A Potent Psychic Mysterious Stone

Azurite – A Potent Psychic Mysterious Stone

Azurite is called a potent psychic stone because there is a lot of mystery surrounding it. In ancient times, the Chinese would call it the Stone of Heaven as they believed that it helped open the gates to heaven.

Even the Greeks and Romans cherished it for its healing powers. This stone is famous for its azure blue colour that ranges from bright to deep blue into shades of indigo and it is hence also used as a pigment for paint and as a dye for fabric. This stone is mixed with Malachite in order to produce a powerful blend of healing energies that heal the Mother Earth's elements.

This stone helps with healing, as it is a conductor of energy which gets rid of any physical diseases. It reduces stress and restores positive feelings, thereby getting rid of all the negative energy. It gives you a clearer mental state and concentrates all the negative thoughts that exist in you like egocentric traits, conceit, arrogance and vanity and release only the positive ones. It is a stone for spirituality, as it helps clear any confusion, tension, and opens the mind to new and fresh perspectives. It awakens your psychic and intuitive abilities and brings about spiritual guidance. One can use it
for enhancing dreams and meditation purposes.

With the help of this stone, you can excel in meditation, as it allows you to meditate calmly and form a sound intuition and understand yourself better. It acts as a stress buster because it evaporates confusion, worry, indecisiveness and any lingering thoughts in the unconscious mind. All your emotions and reactions can be controlled by you with the help of this stone. Religion is also restored through this since this stone is used to connect with sacred powers through religious music, chants, choral music and hymns. It also enables healing with sound. Your mind and matter are regulated and nourished, through stimulation, that enhances your life and interests. It brings new links and connections and encourages you to study new subjects and helps you to follow your commitments. It also helps you with concentration, memorization and retaining information.

This stone is very powerful and maintains independence, brings mental alertness and physical health. It is useful for emotional healing, balances your energies by awakening your psychic and intuitive self. It boosts intuition and spiritual wisdom and helps you clear your mind from negativity and thoughts that no longer serve you. This protects you against undesirable relationships and helps get rid of nightmares. Hence it is very commonly used.



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