Beat The Heat With The Help Of These Powerful Crystals

Beat The Heat With The Help Of These Powerful Crystals

Beat The Heat With The Help Of These Powerful Crystals

Summers are upon us and the best way to deal with them is by staying cool by whichever way possible. Some people like sipping cold drinks and lemonades while others prefer staying indoors with their air conditioners turned on. However, the ever-beautiful crystals can also help you stay cool during the summer season.
These stones make you feel cool and in control during times of uncomfortable warmth. Some of these crystals have natural cooling properties that help your energy field to remain calm and quiet and help you feel cool and at ease. Following is the list of few such stones:

Blue Lace Agate

This is the go-to stone when you need calm, serene and cooling energy. This is the ultimate communication stone and removes your fears and self-doubt when you are in public. This crystal also helps those who have difficulty sharing their thoughts and emotions.


Due to the association of this crystal with water, it has a cool and calm vibe to it. It instills calmness and promotes a cooler energy field that keeps you comfortable during the summers. Aquamarine also helps you to have the courage to overcome fears so that you can engage more fully in life.

Blue apatite

This stone helps you to tackle the heat waves that frequent during the summer season. The calm, blue energy of this crystal helps to keep your body cool and active in spite of the heat outside. This stone is ideal for meditation because you can raise your energy with it and connect with your spirit guides to manifest your dreams.


This stone is filled with the feminine energy of the moon that allows you to stay calm and composed even during unfavorable situations. This stone helps you to feel more stable and soothes stress at any level. This crystal boosts positivity inside you and keeps your energy field cool and flowing with calm energy.

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