Benefits, History, and Much More about Sapphires!

Benefits, History, and Much More about Sapphires!

Benefits, History, and Much More About Sapphires!

Sapphires are one of the big 3 precious stones of the world along with rubies and diamonds. Traditionally, sapphires are a symbol of nobility sincerity, truth, and faithfulness. For this reason, it has been part of the attires of noblemen and royalty across cultures and kingdoms.
Sapphires are considered the standard benchmark for other famous blue stones like topaz and tanzanite. Generations have come and gone since Sapphires have been considered a talisman of romance and royalty.
Even in modern times, the only remaining globally recognized royalty, the British royal family, reintroduced the sapphires as the symbol of royalty when the royal prince Charles gave her betrothed, Princess Diana a blue Sapphire ring.
Blue Sapphires
Ancient Greek and Roma kingdoms were rich, expansive empires, subject to a lot of envy, so their rulers through centuries believed that Sapphires were a protection stone against envy and harm.
Blue Sapphires through the middle ages were worn by the clergy and by the common folks, it was believed to be a stone that attracts heavenly blessings and positivity. Different time periods saw different uses of the stone, as it was sometimes used to guard chastity, make peace between opposing warring kingdoms, and influence spirits.
Kings used to famously wear Sapphires around their necks to gain what they believed was good fortune and divine favor. Throughout the 12th century, Sapphires were believed to be the most appropriate and the highest standard of ecclesiastical rings.
It has also been a subject for great philosophical and poetic works. In the ancient Persian kingdom, it was said that the sky gets its blue color from the sun reflecting on Sapphires.
In modern times, it is available for anyone to buy and has a myriad of benefits for whoever’s life it touches. It is associated with repentance, chastity, piety, and heavenly wisdom and truth. For its user, it brings qualities of higher perception, better judgment, and clarity. It is also a bringer of peace of mind and serenity for you and even your loved ones surrounded by you. They are also associated with romantic fidelity, attraction, love, and devotion to your partner.

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