Benefits of Black Tourmaline Orgonites

Benefits of Black Tourmaline Orgonites

The Black Tourmaline crystal is an energy purifier that cleanses the aura of poor and negative thoughts that keep you up at night. If you are on a quest of a spiritual journey, Black Tourmaline is the stone that will help you in providing protection and elimination of negative energy. You can wear it as jewellery, or keep it in your car, or even place it all over the house, next to electronic devices like computers. It is so because this stone is among the most powerful minerals used for absorbing electromagnetic radiation. Hence, it becomes best to be placed near computers and other electronics. For those who love black, it becomes a dream for them to have such a stone in their house because of the intense black colour that makes it a striking statement piece in your home.

This stone represents a shade that brings all the other colours together from the spectrum. In olden times, such stones were considered to symbolize darkness and confronting your biggest fears. Today although, phobias have become a part of our lives and therefore even anxiety and other mental illnesses have paved their way into common issues everyone has. Even though this stone does not officially represent this, or is meant for this, it can be used for anxiety as you will instantly begin to feel calm and relaxed the moment you keep the Black Tourmaline crystal stone in both your hands.

This stone can steer away from negativity, and hence it is used in many cleansing rituals. You can also enhance its energy by combining Black Tourmaline with sea salt in a negativity removal jar. This stone also protects you from energy vampires and help put a boundary between the two. Its jewellery worn on the body reminds them that the line cannot be crossed, and it keeps bad energy away from you.

This stone keeps away people’s toxic energy and helps you feel grounded and secure. It transmits all the negative energy into positive energy and is an important cleaner that helps you access your full potential with its healing.

Try meditation with this stone by incorporating a few deep breathes, inhaling peace and stability while getting rid of chaos and confusion. The moment you receive peace, you will feel better. This stone is a firm reminder of your heart's true desires. These are the benefits of the  Black Tourmaline stone.



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