Best Ways to Use a Crystal Pyramid

Best Ways to Use a Crystal Pyramid

Best Ways to Use a Crystal Pyramid

Since the Egyptians made the pyramids, the world has been introduced to this paranormal force that only these structures can bring. Something about the pyramid shape makes it so spiritually significant to the mortal realm, and it's baffling. It was found that the Egyptian pyramids had food stored for thousands of years ago.

This is how we chalk it down because the pyramid shape has extra-ordinary powers of preservation in it. Similarly, the pyramid shape powers have been combined with the prowess of healing crystals to make crystal pyramids that have attributes of both these facets of healing and spirituality.

Crystal pyramids could refer to one of two things. Whole solid crystals are carved into the shape of a pyramid, or an epoxy pyramid with a bunch of different crystals placed here and there. Both have significant differences between them, but the basic idea remains the same; a marriage of two superpowers.
Crystal Pyramid
A crystal pyramid has the ability to boost your spiritual energy and connection with other realms and depending on the specifics of the crystal/crystals you use, allow you to tap into infinite power.
Pyramidology is an ancient study in which experts have studied, debated, interpreted, and perfected the knowledge around pyramids and their importance in charging energy, sharpening blades, and most importantly, preservation of energy.
Built to replicate the holy powers of the pyramid shape, the crystal pyramids are mirror polished and charged to generate, preserve, and amplify energy on multiple levels. Because of their shape, Pyramids are very well versed in containing energy for days and days. This built-up energy, when combined with the specific powers of the crystals included in the pyramid and help you manifest your intentions.
Crystal pyramids work their magic when they generate a vortex of energy from its center to the heart of the universe. It is this cosmic connection with the planet that keeps it ever so bonded with both the user and earth. It acts as a key to extract the raw energy from the planet, channel it through the crystals, and transfer the energy into you.
Other than energy preservation and amplification, crystal pyramids have other uses in your daily life. They are very well versed in cleansing the space around you using Feng Shui methods.
Pyramid Vastu is something of an interesting concept where it is recommended keeping the pyramid by its Feng Shui in a particular space. This way, you maximize the powers and benefits of the structure in astonishing ways. The results are quite visible in a matter of days!

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