Black Obsidian Orgonite:- Protection against Electromagnetic Pollution ( EMF)

Black Obsidian Orgonite:- Protection against Electromagnetic Pollution ( EMF)

Orgonite is a substance which works as a self-driven force that transforms negative energy into positive energy. Orgonite is a combination of resin, metal, and crystals that balance and neutralize bioenergy. Bio-energy means, the energy present in the environment i.e, water, gas air, minerals, and many other forces. Orgone is the source of energy and when we can see, feel and touch that energy, it becomes substance. This substance is called Orgonite.

Description of Obsidian:-

Obsidian is a natural gas of dark in nature formed by cooling of molten lava from the volcano. Its formation is very quick. It is a transparent thin piece. Black obsidian is also known as glassy lava. It has the power of healing and used by lightworkers, spiritualist and meditation centers. BLACK OBSIDIAN is available in different forms like jewelry, pyramids, etc. This stone releases all toxins and negative thoughts from our lives and it really works very hard.

What is Black Obsidian Orgonite:-

Black Obsidian Orgonite is not just a substance, it helps people in remain focused on their goals. Black Obsidian Orgonite is a personal protection device which provides a  cover from the harmful radiation of  Electromagnetic Pollution ( EMF). However, Obsidian Orgonite is abundant in other benefits as well. The main Black Obsidian objective is to improve the sleep patterns, spiritual well-being, emotional well-being and provides more energy.

How Black Obsidian Orgonite protects from EMF:-

An important reason to use Black Obsidian Orgonite as protection against EMF is, it reduces the electromagnetic pollution in the homes.EMF are energy waves that naturally occurs at a frequency of 300 cycles per second. In addition to this, there are many things that we use at homes like smartphones, TV Microwave, electronic toys. All of these emit EMF. EMF gets absorbed by out Black Obsidian does and results in health hazards.EMF pollution is the non -avoidable by-product of technological advancements. But, we can avoid it to some extent by limiting the time spent around computers, Appliances, and other electronic equipment.

Black Obsidian Orgonite is an important mineral that can absorb the excess of EMF. It’s a glassy stone with a shiny black surface. It absorbs negative powers and energies present in the environment not only EMF but also other negative energies created by our emotional thoughts. Just place  Black Obsidian Orgonite near the electronic equipment for protection, it will absorb all the negative waves and gives positive energy.

Black Obsidian Orgonite does not clean up the EMF, it cleanups the deadly orgone energy produced by it.

Wear a black obsidian orgonite in a band or pendant to protect from EMF. Keep a small substance inside the refrigerator, near the electronic equipment and keep yourself protected against the EMF pollution.

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