Black Obsidian to Influence your Energy Space

Black Obsidian to Influence your Energy Space

Black Obsidian to Influence Your Energy Space

Energy is a complicated concept. Some people listen to the word and think about the energy concept that we’re taught through our high school physics textbooks. Power is the things we feel without seeing them. It is what animates our mortal world with life and movement. It is everything alive.
We have more complex versions of energy in our bodies than most species, and it is because we unlocked something first, before anyone else on this planet; consciousness. Consciousness or the awareness of our existence gives us the edge over other life forms. It gave us the template to develop leaps and bounds ahead of our competition and develop things like communication and understanding for the concepts of time and space.
All of this philosophical rambling is there to make the point that the way we experience energy is complex. We pick up energy from our surroundings, from our peers, from the things we do, and the things we don’t.
Black Obsidian

What happens when we pick up a lousy point from toxic people is that we get entangled in their negative patterns and behaviors. Things start going wrong for us. We begin developing anxieties that weren’t there in the first place. All this negativity influences your life in destructive ways.

Fortunately, nature answers this in form of lava glass or Black Obsidian. Black Obsidian is a healing crystal that is synonymous with protection on multiple levels. It shields your aura from negativity and also protects you from physical harm and psychic attacks.

It also saves you from electromagnetic pollution. It just sucks in all the negative energy and smog in your aura and clears out the energy blockages to promote the ultimate sense of positivity in your daily life.

Other things that this stone is capable of are raising your awareness, perception, intuition, and precognition. This way you can not only shield yourself from trouble but be aware of when it is impending near you. With Obsidian, you can steer clear of bad energies before they get the chance to influence your aura.
Sometimes the people where these negative energies are supplied are toxic people who have found ways to embed themselves in our lives and are hard to get rid of. This is another thing you’ll gain from the powers of Black Obsidian. It helps you to sever ties and cut your connection with these toxic people. Life just feels that much more fruitful when you have such a tool at your disposal that can help you de-clutter your aura and protect you from it getting soiled later.

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