Bloodstone for Healthy Circulation and Much More!

Bloodstone for Healthy Circulation and Much More!

Bloodstone for Healthy Circulation and Much More!

Considered one of the most beautiful jaspers, Bloodstone is a mighty stone in the realm of healing crystals. In some places, it is known by its alternate name, Heliotrope. It is an earthy green gem in color with red spots that make it look around for a splatter. In some cultures, dubbed as the sunstone or Christ's stone, Bloodstone is known to have a lot of mythological and religious connotations.

It also has a lot of symbolism attached to its appearance. It represents the purity and vitality of blood and inherently speaks of life and birth. It also brings the symbolism for strength, power, passion, and courage. It is a talisman of the mystical and magical realms; hence its virtues are equal parts protective and nourishing.

Bloodstone has tremendous healing and meta-physical benefits. It is a good shield against hostile powers that put you down. One specific example of this is bullying. Suppose you have someone who has power over you and is trying to put you down always. In that case, Bloodstone gives you the shield your aura needs, the state of calm your mentality needs to deal with this, and especially if you know a teenager or child with bullying issues, Bloodstone is perfect for them. It is also great for adjusting to new circumstances and transitions because of its ability to raise the virtues of strength and resolve.

Bloodstone's most recognized power, however, is its ability to regulate the circulatory system and regulate blood pressure. It boosts the immune system by purifying the blood, which also impacts the spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, and both the intestines.
Organs that need good healthy blood to function properly show more productivity and health because of the branching effects of bloodstone. People with leukemia, tumors, and other blood related acute infections will find a major release in pain and suffering by using bloodstone.
It is also associated with the birthing process, in which all the symbolism and metaphysical properties of bloodstone come into play. The process of transition from the womb to the world, the meaning of bloodlines, and even the power to stimulate healthy blood flow and hormones can be a big help in the process of bringing a new life on the planet. It is also a great way to alleviate the symptoms of PMS and on the flip side, also helps with menopause and the hormonal changes experienced by women during that time.

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