Buy the Beautiful Mix Chakra Dodecahedron

Buy the Beautiful Mix Chakra Dodecahedron

To live a better and healthy life, it is necessary that the points of life energy in our body, the chakras be in perfect balance. If they are in balance, our life force or energy, known as chi, prana and in many other names would flow without interruption and keep us healthy.

It was after the discovery of Orgone Energy by Dr. Wilhelm Reich that many researchers were conducted in this field. Reich invented the Orgone Energy Accumulator and later many people improved upon the technology and the Orgone Energy Generator products that we see today came into being.

Orgonite Crystals is an online store that is engaged in distributing high-quality orgone pyramidorgone dodecahedron, and other products to individuals so that they could experience the goodness of orgone energy. We have a wide collection of products and one among them is the ORGONE MIX CHAKRA ENERGY GENERATOR DODECAHEDRON.

This awesome product is made by following the same, but improved techniques, that Dr. Reich used for his accumulator. The greatest highlight of this product is that it is made of 100% certified genuine materials that include a mix of Chakra Stones, Copper, Resin, Crystal Point and other specific vibrative stones. Let us take a look at the amazing benefits of this product:

  • Hormonal Balance - One of the stones in this crystal, the Blue Aventurine is useful in balancing hormones, especially for women. This stone supports blood oxygenation to overcome chronic hormonal difficulties.
  • Relief from Stress - Red Jasper stone, which is one of the materials used in this dodecahedron has healing properties that help in alleviating stress and soothe nerves to restore balance.
  • Self-Healing Stone - The Red Carnelian stone represents the Sacral Chakra which can help in alleviating negative addiction and harness your sensuality.
  • Stone of Luck - Yellow Aventurine stone is called the “Luck Stone" and it helps in bringing forth good fortune and new opportunities with personal growth.
  • Heart Ailment- Green Aventurine represents the Heart Chakra and is beneficial for heart-related ailments and emotional issues.
  • Stone of Protection - The Amethyst stone is associated with many legends regarding its use for sobriety and Protects from all surrounding negative entities and enemy.
  • Inner Power - The Lapis Lazuli stone has energy that can bring inner power and hope. Also build courage, confidence, and overcome shyness.
These are the amazing benefits of the ORGONE MIX CHAKRA ENERGY GENERATOR DODECAHEDRON. For purchasing products like  Orgonite NecklaceOrgonite Pendantorgone obelisk, and many other products, Orgonite Crystals is the best store for you. All our products come at the best affordable prices and worldwide free shipping offer. Shop now!

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