Can Orgonites Be Used To Preserve Food?

Can Orgonites Be Used To Preserve Food?

Are you going through the dilemma of spoiled vegetables and food regular basis? It often happens that veggies get spoiled even before you had the opportunity to cook and eat them. I know it hurts to see the food getting spoiled and the hard money going waste down the drain. But yes, you may worry not, anymore. It is possible to safeguard your veggies and food now from getting spoiled by use of a simple device Orgonite. Have you heard about them? Are you new to its concept? Have you tried it? If not, then let me explain to you what are Orgonites and how then can help in preserving food.

What is an Orgonite?

Orgonite is basically a device made up of resin, metal shavings and quartz crystals and was founded in 20th century. Dr. Wilhelm Reich. During his experiments found out that organic materials attract and hold Orgone energy and non-organic materials simultaneously attract and repel the energy. Due to the constant attraction and repelling action of the materials contained, scrubbing takes place. This clubbed blend of energy cleanses the stagnant and negative energy and brings healthy and vibrant energy.

Food Preservation with Orgonites-

Orgone energy is the life force energy that surrounds us and has been used for a long time for healing purposes. It drains the negative energy and converts it into positive one. Thus, the effect of positive energy can be seen on foods and water also. Food and veggies too absorb positive energy from the Orgonite and hence remain fresh for a longer duration and moreover the positive auras on the food make it healthier to consume.

To preserve food items, its best to place one or two Orgonite plates into the refrigerator and thus help keep the food fresher for long. Moreover since refrigerators are a source of EMFs, placing Orgonite devices on and inside the fridge will curb the effects of EMFs. Farmers who have grown veggies in the presence of Orgonite have seen it astonishing results and can compare the food grown with and without the use of orgonites.

The positive effects of Orgone energy have been seen time and again. It has been known to preserve food and vegetables for a long time and keep them healthy for consumption. So what are you waiting for? Explore the benefits of orgonites for self and preserve your food now!



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