Citrine –The Light Maker adding Joy and Happiness to Your Life

Citrine –The Light Maker adding Joy and Happiness to Your Life

Deriving its name from French word which means lemon, this yellow colored bright stone carries a sense of sun and joy attached to it. This lovely looking stone is naturally found in Brazil, Africa, Madagascar, USA etc. Citrine  has been the favorite among jewelry makers since 300 B.C. It has been popular for thousands of years and was revered for its rarity in those days.

Apart from being physically attractive and beautiful, this stone also has many positive features when it comes to aiding the physical self. Citrine crystals are well known for their potential to aid one in manifesting abundance and prosperity. Well that’s not all. It is also known to relieve fear and anxiety.

Talking about the healing properties, they can be subdivided into categories as follows-

Physical healing- This crystal is known to enhance physical stamina and energy, support the endocrine system and enhance the body metabolism. Natural Citrine helps in eliminating infections of kidney and bladder. Being an elixir, it also aids in menstrual and menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, hormonal imbalance etc.

Emotional Healing- The most fascinating property of this crystal is that it helps the user to accept the joys in one’s life, let go of anger and negativity, get rid of fears and destructive tendencies. It has a very positive impact on the emotional state of a person, thereby curing depression. Once a person is free of all the negative traits, he is bound to feel the joy and happiness of life. Getting rid of negativities helps a person to see the positive side of life.

Citrine  had been recognized as a powerful magnet for attracting money, abundance and prosperity. Since citrine is one of the best crystals for activating plexus chakra, it enhances your ability to manifest anything that you truly want.

Citrine & Orgonites-

Citrine is also known as a grid of positivity and protection for your home and office. Orgonites also possess the powerful feature of cleansing the negative vibes and instilling positive energies all around. Hence, a combination of citrine crystals in orgone device can enhance their collective powers by many folds.Placing Orgonites made up of an element of citrine crystal can benefit you not only physically and emotionally, but also benefit the others around with their positive energy vibes.

So the next time you think of Orgonites  to purify and detox the environment around, remember to use citrine crystals as well. Make most of the healing properties of the wonderful yellow citrine. Create a positive and energizing environment both in office and at home.



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