Crystal Bath Therapy | Immediate Energetic-Hygiene Fix

Crystal Bath Therapy | Immediate Energetic-Hygiene Fix

Crystal Bath Therapy | Immediate Energetic-Hygiene Fix

Crystal bathing as a means of healing has risen to popularity in recent years. This type of therapy calms down your mind and body by helping you to get rid of stress and anxiety from your life. Crystal bathing is the best way to treat yourself with some self-care and tranquility.
This helps in recharging your energy levels and also assists in getting rid of all the negativity inside you. To ensure a relaxing and an immersible experience from crystal bathing, all you need to do is to set the scene.
Light a few candles around your bath-tub and switch off the lights to create the necessary ambiance. Once this is done, you choose your favourite crystals for bathing. There are many crystals that can be used for crystal bathing and few of them are mentioned below:

Rose quartz

This is a must-have crystal if you are planning to take a crystal bath. Rose quartz not only helps to create a soothing atmosphere but also enhances your loving side. These crystals infuse the water with energy that helps to relieve all the stress and anxiety from your mind and calms your disturbing aura. These crystals also help to replenish your skin and make you feel fresh and active.


This stone has a lot of energy stored inside it. Associated with the solar plexus chakra, citrine will provide you with abundant energy that will give you the required strength to take on the difficulties in your life. It also helps to bring clarity to your thoughts along with bringing out your creative side.


Whenever you feel the need of getting to know yourself better, hematite is the stone you should opt for. Since hematite works with the root chakra of your body, it can help to balance your energies. Hematite is also known to keep you grounded and help you to focus amidst chaotic situations.


Carnelian Crystal
This stone works with your creative side which usually takes the toll because of monotonous life. It works with the sacral chakra to keep your creative side alive and functioning. This stone can also be used when you are feeling emotionally unstable as it helps to heal the aura around you and make you more positive and happy from the inside.
It is very important to have an in-depth understanding of the crystals that you are going to use for your crystal bath. Since not all crystals are water-friendly, you need to choose them wisely.   

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