Difference Between Orgonium And Orgonite

Difference Between Orgonium And Orgonite

Orgonite is a material that was born in the eighties, following careful observations. It was precisely through the observation of reality that two scholars, Karl Welz and Don Croft coined the term orgonite, to indicate this particular material.

How orgonite is made

Orgonite is made from resin when crystallized mechanically presses the quartz and activates its piezoelectric property allowing basic repolarization to take place in the orgonite, they have been tested with other materials, but tend to saturate themselves with DOR (disordered orgone), because they do not press the crystal correctly to activate its piezoelectric property. The crystal polyester resin has a coherent crystal structure, which maintains a constant micro-contraction index, therefore it accumulates the orgone or rather retains it for instants long enough for the crystal to re-polarize it if it is DOR. Once ordered in POR (ordered orgone), it radiates to where the tip of the crystal projects, and since the orgone looks for vertical ascending, the pyramidal shape facilitates the creation of spiral vortices.

The two researchers discovered that small fragments of metal suspended in hardened epoxy resin produced a material that could be considered similar to that experienced through orgone accumulators, instruments capable of regenerating the bioenergetic charge of the body.

How to use orgonite?

Orgonite is a simple material to manage and is easily found on the market. For those who have particular manual skills, it is possible to buy the materials and produce them in a homely way. There are some precautions to use to get the greatest benefits from orgonite.

First, it is recommended to keep it indoors near light sources such as a window. If positioned in the northernmost area of ​​the house, it gives the greatest benefits because the north is the area with the greatest flow of orgone energy.

Very useful if worn, it protects against any unhealthy energy in the environment and transforms the energy entering, strengthening the body's energy and ensuring the maintenance of a greater internal balance.


The orgonium is a simple resonance device that allows revealing the existence of a field of vital energy called aura which is emitted by the human body, and that present in the environment in which we live, coming from the cosmic spaces and circulating around the planet.

Orgonium is a "vibrational snapshot", it creates an "aura" around itself that has a remarkable impact at all levels in living beings. Orgonium helps relieve stress as well as mental pressure, tension and maintains the pH level of the body. Testimonials from many people show that Orgonium increases the well-being of people. Improves sleep and gives peace to the mind.

How orgonium is made?

The organium provides a constant etheric cleaning and protect from electromagnetic pollution to which are attributed evils such as cancer or effects on pregnancy, insomnia, fatigue, behaviour changes, irritability, depression and many more. Orgonite and orgonium both are different since their formation takes place from two different processes, orgonium forms through fibreglass resins and a process of light infusion to remove the residual energy from resins.


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