Effects of Orgonites on Living Things

Effects of Orgonites on Living Things

A unique invention of the 21st century is the discovery of substance called the Orgonites. Orgonites  are believed to produce positive energy radiations by transmuting the  negative energy released into the environment into positive energy. This substance has dramatic effects on living things.

The phrase mentioned here is “living things” and rightly so as Orgonites not only benefit Humans but also animals insects birds and the flora and fauna around it. Orgonites have two opposing states viz. an energy called the Positive Orgone Radiators (POR) and harmful energy called Deadly Orgone  radiators (DOR). In order to curb the harmful effects of DOR various types of Orgonites are used in order to transmute the negative and harmful energies into positive ones.

These devises have been used for various benefits. It helps combat the negative emotions in a human being who is struggling with Psychological Ailments. In fact there have been many cases in which the Orgonites have cured illnesses which the traditional medicine could not.

It is pertinent to note that orgonites absorb the harmful electromagnetic rays emitted from the broadcasting and mobile phone towers popularly known as death towersthereby reducing the intensity of the hazards caused by them.

In an environment which is forbidden by rainfall Orgonite devices help in planting rain clouds and thereby producing rain combatting Drought situations and saving crops. These devices manipulate with the weather conditions and thus provide a livelier more environment friendly atmosphere. Animals have proven to be driven by orgonite devices and are generally found to be sleeping next to them.

On a personal level when used in the form of pendants and/or necklaces orgonites prove to change the though process of an individual. It has healing properties and its power can be directed towards greater spiritual intentions. Presence of orgonites makes the surroundings energetic. A person who is in good health would feel more energized and dynamic. It provides a boost to our immune system and enlivens us.

However in order to enhance the effects of orgonite one has to place the orgonites in the right place lest it would have contrary effects. It is a proven fact that orgonites help in dissolving chemtrailsi.e by absorbing Aerosol from the atmosphere thereby making the environment healthy for Living things.

Having seen the effects of orgonites on living things orgonites have been a boon to the living world and an effective method of preventing harm done on account of the technology and its hazardous effects on the environment and living things.



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