Everything You Need To Know About Chocolate Diamonds

Everything You Need To Know About Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are just as beautiful as colourless diamonds, however, they are sold at a fraction of the price of an original diamond around the globe.
A chocolate diamond is a rare and naturally brown diamond. These diamonds are owned and trademarked by Le Vian, a fine jewelry group.
Brown diamonds are more affordable than colourless diamonds & are sourced from Brazil, Congo, Angola, Borneo & Australia. Le Vian jewelry company obtained a trademark for brown diamonds & named them chocolate diamonds to generate interest among the public.
However, this company was not the first to use brown diamonds in jewelry. The 2nd century Romans first incorporated brown diamonds into jewelry via stone rings.
One thing you should always remember that not all brown diamonds are chocolate diamonds and not all diamonds are created equal.  Quality and clarity vary with every diamond.
There is a vast array of brown diamonds but the chocolate diamonds only represent the most elite, hand-picked brown diamonds.
Brown diamond’s colour comes from the internal graining in their formation which is due to the irregularities in the stone’s crystal.
There has been an oversupply of brown diamonds even before they were so brilliantly marketed to the public by Le Vian’s campaigns.
Brown diamonds were considered good only for industrial use until the 1980s when abundant quantities of them began to appear in the production of Argyle mines.
It is very important that you buy diamonds from a reputed dealer to prevent the risk of purchasing a low-quality diamond. Having said that, not all brown diamonds are of bad quality.
There are gorgeous brown diamonds that are not classified as Chocolate diamonds. Unfortunately, this is in part why chocolate diamonds are not as valuable as colourless diamonds.
From the already tiny percentage of brown diamonds, a tiny quantity becomes chocolate diamonds. This categorization leads to an overall decrease in the market value for brown diamonds.
It is very important to enquire about the details of the diamond that you are buying. Chocolate diamonds are becoming very popular, but you can always shop around to find brilliant brown diamonds too. 

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