Experience the Goodness of Multi Tourmaline Pyramid

Experience the Goodness of Multi Tourmaline Pyramid

Orgone energy is one of the most celebrated energies present in the universe and it is the same as chi or prana, the popular life forces. Orgone energy was first propagated by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a brilliant scientist. He believed that orgone energy could provide lots of benefits to individuals.

Orgone energy would be generated by specially created products that are a mixture of resin, metals, and crystals and hardened into various shapes. Adding quartz crystals can enhance the working of the orgone products. One of the products created in such a manner is the ORGONE MULTI TOURMALINE ENERGY GENERATOR PYRAMID. Let us look at the many benefits of this pyramid:

  • Generates Positive Energy - As it is one of the highlights of orgone energy generating products, this pyramid helps in absorbing all the negative energies in your surroundings and transforming it into positive energy. This positive energy is then sent back to the environment and it positively affects all living things.
  • Protects from EMF Pollution - Our atmosphere is filled with EMF radiation and it is all because of the smartphones, cellular network towers, wifi routers and so on that have become a part of our everyday life. This awesome pyramid helps in blocking EMF radiation and prevents it from affecting our life adversely.
  • Heals the Heart Chakra - One of the materials in this multi tourmaline pyramid is Rose Quartz crystal. The Rose Quartz is a stone of love and helps in healing all cardiac issues and diseases. It reduces negative emotions, promotes empathy, reconciliation, and unconditional love.
  • Aids in Yoga - Being fit is key to healthy living and yoga is a physical activity that helps you be fit and healthy. This Multi Tourmaline Orgonite Pyramid helps in continuously spreading positive energy in the surroundings and it would help in making your Yoga performance deeper.
  • Emotional Balance - The negativity around us would cause emotional wrecking of our soul. This Orgone pyramid helps in promoting positivity that calms our mind and keeps us in a state of bliss.
  • Inner Relief - The Multi Tourmaline orgone pyramid helps in cleansing, purifying and transforming dense energy into a lighter vibration. It relieves stress, anxiety, fear, and anger. It also helps in reversing obsessive, compulsive behaviors.

These are some of the amazing benefits of the ORGONE MULTI TOURMALINE ENERGY GENERATOR PYRAMID. This awesome Orgone pyramid product can be purchased from Orgonite Crystals, the home of amazing orgone products. The many products you can purchase from us include pyramids, pendants, necklace, bracelets, dodecahedrons, obelisks, crystal gift sets and so on.

The ORGONE MULTI TOURMALINE ENERGY GENERATOR PYRAMID can be purchased for $49.95, at a saving of 50%. Make your purchase now!

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