Explore All You Want To Know About Orgone Charging Plates.

Explore All You Want To Know About Orgone Charging Plates.

Orgone energy since its inception has been used for various beneficial purposes. Orgones have been instrumental in healing energy blockages in the body, to aiding in better sleep. The positive aspects of the orgone energy are innumerable.

There are many types of Orgone devices that are used for healing for different purposes. Orgone pyramid, Orgone pendant and Orgone charging plate to name a few. In this section of the blog we will explore and know all about Orgone Charging Plateand know what exactly this device is and what its benefits are.

What is an Orgone Charging Plate?

An Orgone charging plate is an Orgonite device just like the Orgone pyramids. The plates are made up of passive ionizers which help in cleaning the atmosphere and build an aura of positivity around you. The materials that are used in making the Orgone charging plate are- blend of quartz, iron oxide powder encased in epoxy resin and shungite brass.

Benefits associated by use of Orgone Charging Plate-

Boosts your energy levels:  Orgonite charging plate creates a positive impact on the mood and it relieves stress and removes the negative energy from the body.

Protects from Electro Magnetic radiations:The Orgone charging plate can also be used to protect from the harmful electromagnetic radiations that are released every moment from smart devices like TV, smart phones, 3Gtowers etc. So get going to safeguard you and your loved ones by using orgone charging plate.

Purify water-Another function well known about the Orgone charging plate is that, it helps in purifying water. Keeping a glass of water on top the plate and then consuming it aids in hydration of body cells, thus making you feel fresh and restored.

Allows Good Sleep-  If you have been awake all night and have been having trouble sleeping and want to know ways that can help you sleep better, then it’s time to take aid from Orgone  charging plate to aid in proper sleep. If you experience disturbed sleeping patterns then try placing the charging plate near your bed and experience for self the positive aspects as you will induce a good night’s sleep without any break.

Benefits that Orgone charging plate has to offer are endless. So, get your charging plate now and experience the difference it makes in your life!




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