Explore and Understand the Power of Orgonite Pyramid

April 26, 2019

Explore and Understand the Power of Orgonite Pyramid

Orgone is the source of power and energy and when we transform this power into something tangible, that we can see, feel and touch, it becomes orgonite. These Orgonites have sacred powers of heaven. It attracts positive energy and transforms negative thoughts into positive energies. Orgonite circulates energy in a better way. Orgonite is made up of several gemstones. Orgonite is a powerful device which transforms small success into big achievements.

A pyramid is a monumental structure that meets in appoint at the top with sloping slides and square and triangular base.

Description of Orgonite Pyramid:-

Orgonite Pyramid is made up of high-quality natural elements. Orgonite Pyramid has a positive effect on physical and emotional wellbeing. The positive energy of OP not only reduces the negative thoughts and information, food and water but also change its taste. The working environment becomes more energetic and efficient but also the interpersonal relations become strong and healthy.

Powers of Orgonite Pyramids:-

An orgonite pyramid is the most popular in all the orgonite devices as it can convert negativities into positivities. It also keeps the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of a human body in balance. Orgonite Pyramid has a combination of Orgone energy and the intrinsic power of a pyramid. Because of its composition, it turns into a more harmonious form and benefits the human body.

Let us discuss the powers of Orgonite Pyramid in an elaborated way.

1)    Energy blockages in the body- Our body sometimes feels stressed, tired and fatigue. Orgonite Pyramid provides a solution to these problems and energizes the body to perform better and smoothly.

2)    Purifying the negative energy in surroundings- By placing the Orgonite Pyramid at home it transforms negative energies into positive energies. We get positive vibes and our mind and body feel relaxed and happy. There is a happy environment at home. At offices also People keep this Orgonite Pyramid so that relationship improves, productivity enhances and prosperity blooms in the profession or career.

3)    Purifies Water- Orgonite Pyramid not only takes out the impurities from the water but also, it is believed that whatever we eat and drink it has a direct connection with how we look. So it pours in extra power if we place the water bottle near the Orgonite Pyramid.

4)    Helpful in mediation.

5)    Helpful in plant growth- Keep the Orgonite Pyramid near the plant and the result will speak of themselves. The energetic effect of the pyramid will boost plant growth.

6)    Emit the radiation produced by EMF- Since we are surrounded by many electrical gadgets and appliance which produces EMF. It helps as a shield to protect against these harmful radiations.

Looking at some many powers of Orgonite Pyramid, it is correct to say that it’s a powerful substance that regulates the natural flow of energy in the body and brings harmony in the environment.


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