Explore The World Of Orgone And Orgonite

Explore The World Of Orgone And Orgonite

Orgonite is a combination of resin, metal particles, and a quartz crystal. It transmits negative energy into positive energy. It brings a positive influence on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life.

The History of Orgonites
Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst, in the early 1930s, had measured and accumulated universal life energy with the use of a Geiger counter. He used it for healing and weather manipulation. This was later coined as the Orgone Energy. In 1991, Karl Hans Welz created the first orgonite prototype and termed it. Later in the early 2000s, Don Croft made a few modifications in Welz’s formulation with the use of metal shavings and added a piece of quartz crystal. The crystal made him realise that orgonite generates vital energy and also transforms negative energy into positive energy. Croft looked up many different uses for orgonite, being gifting, disabling death towers, healing, fighting chemtrails, etc.

Orgone Energy
Everyone accepts that there is a universal life energy present. It is given a lot of names. Orgone is one of them. Orgone is mainly known for being mass free. It connects to the entire universe and flows through everything. All living beings are attracted to it.
Then it was found, courtesy to Wilhelm Reich's discovery, that orgone is found in two opposing states – one is the positive state, and the other is the harmful and negative state.

Positives of Orgonites :
Orgonite brings positive energy and has a huge impact on plants, the environment, animals, and humans.
1. It reduces the harmful effects of negative appliances as it changes the negative and harmful orgone energy (DOR), into positive and healthy energy.
2. It helps with healing by influencing the body, mind, and spirit. It brings peace, joy, vitality, and joyful moods. When unbalanced, it results in our emotions becoming distressed. Orgonite produces healthy energies and creates a positive environment that supports all forms of development.
3. It restructures food energy as the food then tastes better and remains fresher.
4. It improves farming with just a simple orgonite-mix that can improve the yield and growth of veggies and fruits.
5. Wildlife improvement takes place because animals have a positive reaction to orgonite.
6. It balances the weather and brings more rain. It can also help normalize weather patterns and reduce light storms. It brings clear skies and puffy clouds.

Places to keep your orgonites
You can place your orgonites in various places, such as near your TV, computer, WiFi router, cell phone, in the fridge, near electricity, in the bedroom, bathroom, garden, car, neighbourhood. You should always try and distribute orgonite in your local area for a positive environment.



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