Features & Benefits Of Orgone Energy

Features & Benefits Of Orgone Energy

What is Orgone Energy?

Orgone energy was the original work of Dr. Reich, who discovered it in the 20Th Century in his psychiatric work. Since then he conducted a lot of research work and conducted various experiments to prove the benefits of Orgone Energy. Dr Wilhelm reach propagated that Orgone  is a universal life force, which is the basic building block of all organic and inorganic matter on the planet. Orgone energy is also known as prana, ki, chi, mana etc in different cultures.

Now since, we know the basic concept of what Orgone energy is and who coined it; let us know a bit of more details about it.

Features of Orgone Technology-

  • The research carried out by Wilhelm Reich gave birth to Orgone device, commonly known as ‘Orgonite’.
  • Orgonites are primarily made out of 3 components- Resin, Metal Shavings and Quartz Crystals. Where the proportion of resin and metal shavings is 1:1.
  • Orgonite devices are known to be capable of capturing, transmuting and emitting etheric energy.
  • The Orgone device is continuously operating in nature. And is highly efficient in converting the Deadly Orgone  Energy (DOR) into Positive Orgone Energy (POR).

Benefits of Orgone Technology-

  • Orgone devices help in improving the sleeping behavior in a person suffering from disturbed sleep patterns. Keeping Orgonite in the bedroom or near the bed is known to improve the sleeping patterns so much so that a person experiences continuous sleep throughout the night.
  • Orgonites  are also known protect from the harmful effects of EMF radiations. Devices like refrigerators, Wi-Fi; smart phones etc are all sources of harmful EMFs. Being exposed to them regularly affects the health in many ways. Having an Orgonite near such devices helps in curbing its harmful effects, though it cannot stop the radiations completely.
  • Orgonite is also known to accelerate the growth in plants. Hence, placing them in the soil will help the plants to grow faster.
  • Yet another great benefit of Orgonites is that it is known to improve relationships in the place where it is kept. For instance, people have gifted Orgonites to their work place and have observed that the work relationships improved considerably.
  • It also helps in meditation. And How? The crystals contained in the Orgonite help to improve the concentration power and thus, one can meditate effectively. This in turn increases the spirituality of a person.

Thus, the benefits of Orgone technology are innumerable. It is upon us to make the most of it and bring about a change in our environment and home.



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