For Your Inner Glow - 14 Healing Crystals for Empaths!

For Your Inner Glow - 14 Healing Crystals for Empaths!

Do you ever feel like the world is a heavy burden to carry? As an empath, life can often be overwhelming and draining.

Like tiny guardian angels, these 14 Crystals For Empaths guard against negative energy while providing emotional balance and strength. Empaths have long relied on their intuition to navigate the tumultuous waters of emotion-filled situations. But sometimes even our sixth sense isn't enough to keep us afloat amidst the waves of negativity we encounter each day.

Thankfully, having protective crystals at your side can give you extra armor in times when things get tough. By tapping into the healing power of nature, these crystals provide powerful vibrations which help guard against any unwanted energies from entering our space or bodies.

From hematite to black tourmaline, each crystal has its own unique properties designed to protect and heal empathic individuals seeking solace in turbulent times. In this article, let’s explore what makes each stone so special and how they can make a difference in your life as an empath!

Definition Of An Empath

Empaths possess incredible power when it comes to understanding human emotion and connecting deeply with another person’s feelings or intentions.

Crystals can be incredibly useful tools for providing protection and support for empaths. Their vibrations help shield one from absorbing too much outside energy while simultaneously helping maintain balance within oneself.

By using crystals specifically chosen for their unique properties, one can benefit from increased clarity, focus, and grounding as well as enhanced empathy and spiritual connection.

Understanding Empaths

Empaths are like flowers in a garden, blooming and thriving with the right kind of care. Understanding this special group of people is key to unlocking their amazing potential. It’s important to understand what empaths are, their traits, how they can protect themselves from energetic overload, and tap into their powers and abilities.

At its core, an empath is someone who has the unique ability to pick up on another person's energy or emotions as if it were their own. They may even be able to absorb the physical sensations that come along with those energies - such as tension headaches or stomachaches when someone else nearby feels anxious.

Being an empath can be a blessing but also a curse; without understanding what’s happening it can lead to feelings of overwhelm and confusion. Fortunately there are simple steps that any empath can take to help ground themselves energetically and retain control over their empathic abilities.

One way is through crystals for protection; these stones not only offer shielding from others' energy, but they also provide calming effects which allow them to access inner peace while surrounded by chaos.

By connecting with crystals regularly, an empath will find themselves better equipped to focus on using their power instead of feeling drained by absorbing other peoples'.

Having knowledge about being an empath gives individuals all the tools necessary for successful navigation throughout life’s journey - creating balance between one's self-care needs and allowing oneself full access to his or her gifts. With dedication and practice comes true empowerment!

Unblocking And Cleansing Crystals

When it comes to empath protection, crystals can be a powerful tool. Unblocking and cleansing crystals is an essential part of crystal healing as well as energy healing for empaths. There are many different ways to unblock and cleanse your crystals so that they may more effectively serve their intended purpose.

To get started:

* Cleansing Crystals:

* Smudging – Involve using incense such as sage or Palo Santo, which helps remove any negative energy from the crystal; this process should be done regularly in order to keep them energetically charged.

* Moonlight/Sunlight – This involves leaving your crystals outside overnight (or during the day) under direct moonlight or sunlight to absorb its natural energies; it also helps clear out any stagnant or heavy energy within the stones.

* Unblocking Crystals:

* Meditation – Sitting with your crystal while meditating allows you to connect with its vibrations and establish an energetic connection between you two; this will help open up any blocked chakras or psychic pathways that need some extra attention.

* Sound Therapy– Using sound therapy through singing bowls, tuning forks, drums etc., can help vibrate away anything blocking your crystal’s energy flow. This type of vibration works like a massage on physical level as well as spiritual one, helping restore balance throughout all levels of being.

Unblocking and cleansing crystals is a great way to ensure they are providing maximum benefit when used for empath protection and other forms of crystal healing. They become much more effective once cleared of any lingering negativity and ready to work towards achieving their full potential!


16 Crystals for Empathy:


Amethyst is a powerful crystal for empaths. It’s often used to aid in healing and cleansing the aura, as well as balancing energy levels. This beautiful purple stone helps to protect and ground you from any overwhelming energies that can arise when dealing with other people's emotions or situations.

Empaths should carry an amethyst on them whenever possible, either in their pocket or around their neck. The calming nature of this crystal will help balance out intense feelings while keeping your own emotional health in check.

When meditating, holding an amethyst deepens the experience by allowing for greater clarity and insight into yourself and others.

Amethyst also allows one to develop intuition more easily which can be very beneficial to empaths who need reassurance about decisions they make daily based off of how they feel about things.

For those looking to start working with crystals, amethyst is the perfect choice due to its versatility and ability to offer support during times when it feels like everything else is draining away our strength.

Whether worn as jewelry or kept close by, having an amethyst nearby will provide comfort and protection no matter what life throws at us!

Black Onyx

As the sun sets on amethyst, we transition to the dark and mysterious black onyx. Onyx is a crystal that empaths can use for energy clearing and aura protection. It's an ideal choice if you're looking to stay grounded when emotional energies are high.

Here are three reasons why black onyx should be part of every empath’s toolkit:

  • Black onyx helps clear away negative clutter and creates space for positive intentions.
  • It's known as a powerful stone for deflecting negative energy from its environment, making it perfect for protecting your sensitive psychic boundaries.
  • Its strong vibrations will help you feel more centered in times of uncertainty or chaos. Black onyx has become increasingly popular among those who practice crystal healing, due to its ability to promote inner strength and courage during difficult times.

The dark hue of this crystal makes it especially useful for absorbing negative thoughts and emotions before they get too overwhelming, so it can be helpful for anyone seeking relief from stress or anxiety.

By tapping into the protective power of this gemstone, empaths can safeguard their energetic fields while learning how to better manage their own spiritual growth journey with confidence.


Carnelian is one of the best crystals for empaths. It has a strong protective energy that helps to shield an empath from absorbing negative energies or emotions from other people. This crystal also provides grounding energy, allowing an empath to better stay in touch with reality and maintain balance while picking up on others vibrations.

Carnelian can help clear out any stagnant energies within an aura, while at the same time helping to cleanse the root chakra which is essential for good emotional health.

 The carnelian crystal helps protect against envy, rage and resentment by releasing these pent-up feelings so that they are no longer trapped inside our system. Its powerful healing properties make it great for restoring vitality and motivation as well as stimulating creativity.

Overall, this stone is excellent for providing protection and balance, making it ideal for those who are highly sensitive to their environment and need support in regulating their own behavior.


Moving on from carnelian, the next crystal that can be especially beneficial to empaths is citrine. Citrine is a yellow-orange gemstone that emits positive and energizing vibrations. It's known for its ability to bring happiness and abundance into one’s life as well as clearing out any negative or stagnant energy.

Here are some ways in which this stone can help an empath:

  • Healing Properties of Citrine:
  • Balances mood swings
  • Helps with emotional trauma
  • Enhances psychic awareness
  • Benefits of Wearing Citrine Jewelry:

–Protects against mental manipulation and stressors

–Increases self-esteem and confidence levels –Promotes better decision making skills

  • Other Ways To Use A Citrine Crystal:

–Place it near your bedside table while sleeping to absorb negative energy

–Put it in your workspace to increase creativity and productivity

–Carry it around with you during times when negativity needs to be released quickly

As we have seen, citrine crystals possess both healing properties and benefits that make them ideal for empaths looking to clear their mind, body, and spirit of any unwanted energies. They also serve as powerful tools for protection and support during difficult times. With all these advantages, it's no surprise why so many people turn to citrine stones when needing extra spiritual guidance.


Fluorite is an incredible crystal for empaths. It's known to be a powerful stone of protection and can help shield an empath from negative energy, thoughts, and emotions that others are sending their way. This stone helps create emotional boundaries so that you don't feel overwhelmed or drained by the needs of others.

Fluorite also has strong spiritual qualities, encouraging balance between your mental, physical, and spiritual realms. This crystal is great for cleansing the aura as well as aligning all seven chakras. It works to clear away confusion while helping to bring clarity in decision making.

Having fluorite around will make it easier to focus on what truly matters and let go of any distractions that might be standing in your way. Additionally, this crystal works with intuition which can offer further guidance when needed.

Overall, having fluorite near you during times of emotional stress can be incredibly beneficial for those who identify as empaths. Not only does this crystal provide protection but its spiritual effects promote overall wellbeing too! By using this crystal regularly you'll find yourself feeling more balanced and empowered throughout each day.


Moving on from fluorite, we now come to hematite. This grounding stone is known as an empath protection crystal and can be immensely helpful for those of us who are particularly sensitive to energy. Hematite not only helps keep negative energy away, it also keeps positive energies grounded in the physical realm so they don’t get lost or misused.

When wearing or carrying a piece of hematite one may feel more connected with the earth plane and generally much calmer – making this a great choice for anyone looking to benefit from the practice of crystal healing.

Here are five key reasons why hematite might be the perfect crystal for you:

- It offers powerful energetic protection against negativity

- It energetically grounds your spiritual self into the physical world

- Its calming influence can help reduce stress and worry

- Helps you stay focused during meditation practices

- Can encourage feelings of safety and security in emotionally vulnerable times Hematite is truly an amazing stone that can provide many benefits within our lives - both physically and spiritually!

Whether it is used for its protective properties, its ability to ground us, or simply because it looks beautiful; this mineral should certainly have a place in any empaths collection of crystals.


Labradorite is like a hidden gem amongst crystals for empaths. It is known to be beneficial in providing emotional healing and energy protection, as well as cleansing the aura of negative influences. Labradorite helps to protect sensitive empaths from taking on other people's energetic burdens, allowing them to remain centered while being around others.

The stone also has the ability to help soothe chaotic emotions, making it an ideal companion for those who are constantly bombarded by other’s feelings. The powerful energies within labradorite can offer guidance during difficult times and bring clarity when dealing with challenging situations.

This crystal is especially useful for helping empaths understand their boundaries and how they need to keep themselves safe emotionally and spiritually. Furthermore, having this stone close-by can give one an extra layer of protection against absorbing negative energy from those around them.

By creating a shield of light that prevents unwanted frequencies entering your auric field, labradorite allows you to maintain a clear connection with yourself even when surrounded by chaos or distress.

This beautiful crystal offers many benefits for any empath looking to stay connected with their true self amidst overwhelming external forces. Its calming presence provides both comfort and strength enabling us to move forward without fear or doubt.

With its unique resonance, labradorite encourages us to take responsibility for our own journey whilst still respecting the paths of others.


Lepidolite is one of the most popular crystals for empaths. It is a powerful healing crystal that can help to reduce stress and anxiety, while providing calming and balancing energy. This makes lepidolite great for those who are looking for relief from emotional turmoil or mood swings.

Here are some benefits of using lepidolite:

-It helps to bring clarity and focus in times of distress

-It assists with letting go of any negativity or old habits

-It encourages inner peace and self-love

-It enhances harmony within relationships

Empaths often need an extra boost when it comes to managing their emotions, which is why this stone can be so helpful. Lepidolite has strong calming energies that will aid them in helping themselves stay grounded during difficult situations. It also helps to balance out feelings of anger, fear, worry, guilt, insecurity, restlessness and sadness.

By carrying around this crystal, empaths can find comfort when feeling overwhelmed by negative emotions. In addition to its many mental health benefits, lepidolite also provides physical healing properties such as relieving pain and improving circulation. Its soothing vibrations create a sense of wellbeing throughout the body that allows you to relax more easily into your environment.

Furthermore, it aids in connecting us with our higher self on all levels - spiritual, mental and emotional - allowing us to process life events more effectively. With all these amazing powers combined in one crystal, it’s no wonder why lepidolite is so highly recommended for empaths!


Next up in our exploration of crystals for empaths is Moonstone. It's a beautiful crystal that helps create an aura of protection around the individual who has it, and its energies are particularly helpful to those who have empathic abilities.

As an empath, having Moonstone nearby can help you maintain your own energy levels while still being able to pick up on other people’s emotions or needs. Moonstone also encourages self-care for empaths - something that’s often overlooked - as they tend to focus their attention outwardly towards others when attempting to find solutions to problems.

By keeping it close by and taking time out from daily tasks to just be with yourself can help restore balance within which makes this stone perfect for helping with emotional healing practices.

Furthermore, Moonstone amplifies any attempts at meditation or visualization techniques so one can get in touch with their innermost feelings more easily than before.

Drawing on the power of Moonstone can provide strength and encouragement during difficult times; however, despite all the good qualities associated with this powerful gemstone, it should be noted that too much exposure may result in feeling overstimulated or overwhelmed due to the heightened sensitivity brought about by its protective forces. Be sure not to overextend your limits and take regular breaks when needed!

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a special crystal for empaths. It helps to unblock energy and cleanse the aura from any negativity, making it one of the best crystals for those who are highly sensitive.

This healing stone brings in emotional balance and can provide comfort and support when feeling overwhelmed or drained due to taking on other people's emotions. It has a calming effect that promotes self-love, allowing you to open up your heart chakra so that you may be more accepting towards yourself and others.

Rose quartz also increases compassion, forgiveness, understanding and unconditional love - all traits which make it an important ally for empaths needing help with their heightened sensitivities.

Holding onto rose quartz as part of your daily practice will bring about inner peace and contentment, helping you maintain emotional stability despite life’s challenges. With its soft pink hue comes soothing vibrations that will protect against external stressors while restoring harmony within the body.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is the perfect crystal for empaths to use in order to protect themselves from negative energies. This powerful grounding stone offers spiritual healing and energy balancing, making it even more valuable for those who are particularly sensitive to their environment.

The rich brown hue of smoky quartz can be a comforting reminder that we’re all connected and supported by something much greater than ourselves. It helps us to reduce stress levels while providing protection against both physical and emotional harm.

Smoky quartz will also help you stay focused on your goals and allow you to make positive decisions without being overwhelmed or influenced by outside forces. When working with this fantastic crystal, it's important to take some time for yourself each day as part of your ritual practice.

During this time, hold the smoky quartz close to heart-center so that its calming vibrations can bring balance back into your life. Releasing any worries or fears while focusing on what brings joy will not only strengthen the power of the crystals but also set intentions that will manifest in your current reality - allowing you to live an empowered life full of peace, love, and understanding.


Sodalite is a stunning crystal that has been used for centuries by healers to aid their clients. It's a beautiful deep blue color and often contains white streaks, making it visually appealing. Sodalite helps empaths in many different ways; its healing properties can help them protect themselves from negative energies, increase their intuition, ground them so they don't get overwhelmed, and even give them strength when needed.

The first way sodalite works to benefit empaths is through its protective energy. When an empath holds this crystal or wears jewelry containing it, the stone shields them from absorbing other people's emotions and feelings too deeply. This makes it much easier for them to stay connected with their own true emotions without being influenced by outside sources.

In addition to providing protection from others' energy, sodalite also aids empaths in connecting more deeply with their intuition. By carrying or wearing this crystal during meditation, they can open up new pathways of communication between their conscious mind and subconscious awareness.

In turn, this allows greater clarity on life decisions and increases trust in one’s gut instinct. Sodalite serves as an excellent grounding tool as well; it helps bring balance into chaotic situations and keeps the user firmly rooted in reality rather than getting lost in emotional turmoil.

On top of that, the stone bestows a sense of courage upon those who use it regularly which can be incredibly beneficial during times when extra inner strength is required. All these qualities come together to make sodalite an ideal crystal choice for any empath looking for support!

Tiger's Eye

Moving on from Sodalite, Tiger's Eye is a great crystal for empaths to have. It provides protection against negative energies and helps bring clarity in times of emotional distress.

By acting as a spiritual guide, it can lead the way towards healing while providing grounding energies that help keep you firmly planted in reality.

Tiger's Eye has an energy which makes it perfect for empathy-related issues. It promotes self-confidence and courage when dealing with difficult situations or emotions. This crystal also assists with releasing fear and anxiety and encourages rational thinking instead of overthinking things unnecessarily.

Additionally, its properties provide focus and help clear out any thoughts that may be preventing progress or peace of mind. If you are an empath looking for assistance with emotional regulation or protection from external sources, then Tiger's Eye should definitely be your go-to stone!

With its calming vibrations and ability to offer guidance through tough times, this crystal will become a valuable asset in your collection - one that won't let you down!

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful crystal for empaths. It provides a shield of protection around us, helping to block out the negative energy that can be so overwhelming when we're feeling sensitive and overwhelmed. Think of it as an energetic force field - one that both protects and grounds us at the same time.

In crystal healing, Black Tourmaline is often used to bring back emotional balance into our lives. Its dark hue symbolizes the strength needed to stand up against external forces and its matte finish represents the space it creates between ourselves and outside influences.

With this extra layer of protection in place, we are better able to maintain our own energy levels without getting weighed down by other people’s energies.

We can use Black Tourmaline in many different ways – from wearing jewelry pieces containing these stones or placing them on our body during meditation, to simply keeping a piece near us while we work or sleep.

No matter how you choose to incorporate this stone into your life, you will experience increased clarity and improved physical well-being through its protective properties.

Benefits Of Crystals For Empaths

Now that you understand empaths, let’s discuss the benefits of crystals for them. Crystals are an important tool in aiding and helping healers, as well as providing energy protection to those who use them. They have been used throughout history to help with emotional healing and spiritual balance.

Crystals can be used by empaths for a variety of reasons such as energetic cleansing, re-balancing their aura and chakras or simply to protect themselves from negative energies around them.

Crystal healing helps to absorb any unwanted energies while also restoring one's sense of self-awareness and clarity. This is especially beneficial for empaths who tend to take on other people’s emotions very easily.

By using crystals, they can create boundaries between themselves and the external environment, allowing them to stay grounded and remain connected within their own energy field without being overwhelmed by others’ thoughts or feelings.

Crystal therapy has been practiced since ancient times and is still widely popular today due its many benefits. It provides guidance and support during difficult times while promoting inner peace, physical health, mental wellbeing, emotional stability and overall spiritual balance.

Moreover, it allows us – including empaths - to go deeper into our soul purpose so that we can become more aware of ourselves and our surroundings in order to live life with greater intentionality.


The healing power of crystals can be a powerful tool for empaths. With the right combination of cleansing, unblocking and protection stones such as amethyst, black onyx, carnelian, rose quartz, smoky quartz, sodalite and tiger's eye, an empath can create balance in their emotional life.

Not only do these minerals help to reduce stress levels but they also offer spiritual guidance and strength. By incorporating these fourteen crystals into your daily practice you will find that it is easier to remain grounded and protected from negative energies while still being able to sense people’s feelings around you.

They are perfect tools for harmonizing both your inner self and the external environment so that you can stay connected with yourself even when faced with challenging situations or intense emotions. These fourteen carefully selected crystals provide support for empaths so that they may navigate through their lives more easily.

As well as offering energetic protection against overwhelming emotions, they bring peace and clarity within themselves which allows them to stay balanced no matter what comes their way.

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