Fun Facts About Turquoise Crystal

Fun Facts About Turquoise Crystal

Fun Facts About Turquoise Crystal

The beautiful blue-green hue of the Turquoise crystal has made it one of the world's most desired and used crystal gemstones for jewelry making. It has been a very significant factor in historical civilizations too. Persians, Egyptians, Native Americans, and many other cultures have been attracted to the turquoise crystal's charming beauty.
Another beautiful aesthetic aspect of Turquoise is the black/brown veining around the crystal, which surely catches the eye. Its visual appeal alone has given it significant spiritual recognition historically. But regardless of what it looks like, Turquoise crystal also has many healing benefits and metaphysical properties.

Fun Fact! Turquoise is the birthstone for December. Turquoise is also one of the most mined minerals found across the globe. Here are a few more fun facts about Turquoise.

Turquoise is not only a gemstone but also the name of a color. It is kind of like orange where the fruit and its color became so significant that the color got named after it. Turquoise is the only stone to have a color named after it. Even after the versatility found in the crystal, its overall appearance is still very recognizable. It looks pretty on any outfit and immediately catches the eye.
Speaking of color range, Turquoise crystals range from bright blue to Tibetan green. That is a wild range considering it has its own color named after it! Tibetan miners find turquoise in the Himalayan ground, where it is much greener. There it is cut and turned into jewelry that is swooned over worldwide. Inversely, the Persian and Egyptian counterparts are much bluer in hue.
Tibetan and Nepalese cultures where Turquoise is the most prevalent is called the sky stone. For obvious visual appearance reasons, Turquoise is spiritually connected to the sky and the endless possibilities beyond it that it represents. It is a very important protection stone in Tibetan culture, especially for the children, guiding them in their path for the rest of their lives and the challenges they’ll have to face.
Howlite is a stone that is very absorbent of any colored die. Disreputable dealers use this fact to die the stone into blue/green colors and sell it off as fake Turquoise. Howlite even has similar veining or webbing, making it even easier for it to be passed off as Turquoise.
But it is actually quite easy to tell the two stones apart. All you need is a little acetone and a cotton bud. If the acetone dipped cotton bud, after rubbing on the stone gives off the color, you have the answer to how genuine your stone really is!

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