Gift Your Loved Ones Orgonites That Heal

Gift Your Loved Ones Orgonites That Heal

The concept of Orgone energy was first coined by Dr Wilhelm Reich in the 20Th Century.He propounded the existence of a universal energy also called as life-force energy, prana, chi etc. in different cultures. Reich believed that this life force energy surrounds all forms of life when active.

From this theory of orgone energy evolved Orgonites- a resin/metal mix with an addition of crystal (mainly quartz). Orgonites  are able to collect, transmute and efficiently emit etheric energy. Thus they were substance with self-driven, continuously-operating and highly efficient. Whenever they come in contact with negative energythey transmute the Deadly Orgone energy into Positive Orgone energy. (DOR to POR)

Orgonites have been vastly used for various beneficial purposes like-

  • Inducing vivid dreams
  • Improving sleep patterns
  • Healing the energy blockages in the body
  • Protects against EMFs
  • Accelerate plant growth
  • Improves relationships
  • Creates a positive and pleasant atmosphere in the surrounding

The Orgonite gifting movement started long time ago. People started “gifting” the planet with Orgonites by judiciously placing, burying or hiding them in order to curb the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, detoxify the water bodies and enhance the overall environment. Stagnant energy areas like cell phone towers, power plants, electrical pylons, nuclear reactors polluted water body’s etc. benefit from gifting.

However, an ideal “gifting” must start at home. Once you have ’orgonised’ your personal space, you can then move towards the larger aspect of gifting. One such gifting aspect is your relatives and friends. Orgonites  are generally characterized by the power of healing and cleansing. But addition of secondary crystals can add up to the power of orgonite and thus make it stronger. 

  • Carnelian Orgone Pyramid-One of the best Orgone devices for spiritual gifting is the Carnelian pyramid. It is known to restore vitality and motivation while aiding in meditation. Thus, a great healer.
  • Fluorite Orgone Healing- There can be no better gift than a piece of jewelry with healing benefits. The fluorite healing pendant is a great piece of orgonite to harmonize and balance energy. It is used as a cleanser and is highly protective.
  • Lapis Lazuli Orgonite- Known as a highly spiritual crystal, lapis lazuli encourages self-clarity, awareness and inner peace. When combine into an orgonite pyramid, its healing power increases by many folds. It guards against negative energies and thus helps in faster healing.
  • Amethyst Orgone Pendant- Amethyst is a highly protective stone with high spiritual vibration. It has healing and cleansing powers and promotes tranquility and inner peace within the user. This orgonite pendant can be a great gifting idea to your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from a wide range of Orgonites with attractive designs and healing crystals and gift your loved ones now!



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