Green Aventurine-The Stone of Opportunity

Green Aventurine-The Stone of Opportunity

If you are interested in becoming more attuned to nature’s power, the best place to start is with Aventurine. Green Aventurine, also famously known as the “Stone of Opportunity”, is a variety of quartz. It is accented by particles of mica and hematite. There are many other colors like blue, brown, orange, peach etc. However, the green aventurine  is the most powerful one, having many favorable attributes. It brings successful attitude and increases one’s ability to achieve the desired goals.

Aventurine for Prosperity-

For a long time now, Green Aventurine is known to bring abundance, good luck and prosperity to the user. Placing Green Aventurine stones in a dish and keeping the dish in the garden gnome is said to bring loads of good luck in the house.

Aventurine for Spiritual Health-

Green Aventurine  possesses calming and soothing properties. This can help one is becoming more calm and composed and release uncertainty and unrest. It also promotes harmony between the emotional, intellect and physical bodies. Green Aventurine also restores one’s natural rhythm, thus helps in embracing changes easily. Aventurine is also known to enhance the connection with one’s guardian angel and spirit guides.

Physical Health-

Among many healing properties of Green Aventurine, strengthening the heart and circulatory system are well known. The aventurine crystals are believed to improve the cardiac and heart conditions. They also enhance the energy levels while assisting the healing process.

Emotional Health-

Green Aventurines are great for calming the mind. The soothing energy helps in healing the emotional wounds. It promotes a sense of humor, optimism, and joy. A person can remain grounded in time of change and thus balance oneself better. Aventurines reduce the feeling of anger and promote harmony.

Green Aventurine and Orgonites-

Orgonites are known for ages as great energy converters. They transmute the negative energy into positive one. It is known to promote better sleep and improve relationships. Orgonites also contain crystals, and thus green aventurines are a great option to include them in Orgonites. The combined energies of Orgonites and Green Aventurine can bring about a great in all the aspects of life.

Get your Green Aventurine Orgonite today and see the wonders it does. You may also consider using Green Aventurine crystal in jewelry. In this way you can always keep them with you. And hence, benefit from them at all times.



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