Having Troubles Understanding Your Partner? These Stones Will Help You

Having Troubles Understanding Your Partner? These Stones Will Help You

Having Troubles Understanding Your Partner? These Stones Will Help You

The many powers of crystal gemstones allow them to heal people on many levels. These healing powers come in many forms. Be it an injury, disease, or a mental slump, there is a crystal that can help you get through it.
For so many people, the problems are not as simple as an injury or disease. Marital issues and other kinds of trouble in the family, especially with your significant other can be a mental drain and need fixing. These problems are usually solved by effective conversations, but the reason these problems exist in the first place is the communication gap.
Crystals are known to attract and sustain true love and create a positive influence on your social and personal life. Here are some stones that are perfect to cope with such situations.

Rose Quartz

Anyone that knows anything about crystals knows that this is the most obvious entry on this list. Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of universal love. Associated with the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz plants the seed for affection and empathy in the hearts of people who have trouble finding it.
This stone is a must-have for people who most primarily have trouble finding love for themselves. For successful love life, one must love themselves first. It creates efficient communication between partners, by creating a link, and understanding to more openly understand trauma and help create some empathy.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz represents the crown chakra, which means keeping it close to you will enable you to make better decisions and see things clearly. A level head is a necessity to understand your partner when times are the toughest.
Many times such problems can be caused by energy blockages. Clearing these blockages with the help of Clear Quartz can help you see things better leading you to see better the things you don’t want and don’t care for really. That’s a good first step when you’re looking to establish better communication with people.


This is the perfect stone for people looking to repair an existing relationship or start one on the right foot. It relates to both the heart and throat chakra, which means the 2 chakras responsible for emotions and communication, the two things you need for an effective relationship, can both be aided by a piece of Amazonite.

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