Healing Properties Of Orgonites

Healing Properties Of Orgonites

Amongst various inventions and discoveries one of the most beneficial is the discovery of orgonites. Orgonites  are nothing but a powerful mode of converting or transmuting negative energy into positive energy. Since there are numerous sources of emissions of negative energy, a source of converting them into positive energy  is in a way gold itself.

The rise of technological advancements has resulted in easy and quicker means to man-maderesources but the effects it has on humankind have become more complex. We have faster internet speed, access to the remotest area and knowledge of the world news on the tap of a button. But all this digital technology yields harmful electromagnetic radiations which affect the human health and most importantly the human mind.

There has been considerable debate on the dormant but powerful effects technology has on the well-being of an individual.This has resulted in various mental illnesses most common being depression. As a result to combat this situation the discovery of orgonites have been a boon to the humankind.

The healing properties of Orgonites  are amazing and profound. For example, the Tower buster helps in absorbing the harmful rays radiated by the broadcasting towers and other wireless antenna.  The tower buster being small in size can be placed anywhere or can be hidden as well. Orgonites such as the power wand or the mobile shield can be used on an individual level. The mobile shield comes in the form of a sticker or a small magnet which can be attached to the mobile phone. The power wand is an orgonite which can be in the form of a pendant  or worn as part of a necklace. The healing effect it has on the person wearing it is mesmerizing and can change negative thoughts and vibes into positive thoughts.  A person starts to have better health, good immune system and rejuvenated mental attitude.

Orgonites are also known to be used for spiritual purposes like cleansing the aura of a person, healing his past, neutralizing the thoughts and cleansing the negativity within a person. Other healing properties of orgonites are cleansing the environment from harmful radiations of the digital technology. The healing properties of orgonites also extend to the flora and fauna in the surrounding area where it is placed.

Orgonites help mend a hole in the environment made by the digital technology.Orgonites can heal illnesses where even medicines have failed to work. The Healing properties of orgonites are manifold.



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