Hematite for Grounding Energy

Hematite for Grounding Energy

Hematite for Grounding Energy

Before we start talking about the stone, in particular, let’ talk about the energies first. On a lot of occasions, we feel live more than most days. This excess energy could lead to enthusiasm, which can be misplaced; it causes terrible things to happen. Sometimes we are so filled with negative energy that all our chakras get thrown out of balance, and we’re left with nothing but a damp shell of who we’re supposed to be, absolutely drained of all life force and energy.
These are scenarios where you’ll be required to ground your energy. Dropping your point means balancing yourself and sending all the excess you hold in your cells into the ground where they don’t cause commotions.

When it comes to grounding your energy and feeling secure and protected, nothing works better than healing crystals. They have the power to interact with our species on a cellular and spiritual level, healing mind, body, spirit, and heart.

We, humans, have been lucky to reap so many benefits from the gifts of Mother Nature and healing crystals have to be the greatest of them. To ground your energy, the crystal you need is Hematite.

Hematite is a protection stone which is Greek for the word “Blood”. Now, Hematite is a protection stone because it’s black. But if you find a way to somehow crack the stone in half (which is nearly indestructible), you’ll find a deep blood red color in the middle. That is where its name comes from.
Hematite has a high iron content which is also an amazing fact about this stone. Because of its high iron content, it has some healing powers which can be felt on the physical level.
The stone is famous for its impact on grounding your energy. It works as soon as you touch it. When you hold a piece of Hematite in your hands, you feel an instant feeling of calm and serenity. Like something sucked out all your worries and negativity through your legs into the ground. This is how Hematite does its magic!
It is connected to the Earth and its strong grounding energy can also attribute to a lot of other things. It calms the mind by clearing unnecessary clutter that is holding you back. Hematite brings a brand of high-quality energy that instills the virtues of peace and calm naturally inside of you. So get yourself a piece of Hematite if you feel like in recent times you have been bothered by a lot of excess energy that you don’t need. 

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