Hematite: The Crystal of Balance and Focus.

Hematite: The Crystal of Balance and Focus.

The hematite is a major concentrate of iron ore. Its major quality is its ability to absorb toxic emotions from joyful and serene conditions. Because of its high iron content the hematite crystal was used by the ancient Greeks to make a red pigment. It was called as haima meaning blood in latin language.

The hematite crystal works by absorbing all the negative orgone from the aura and brings it to the root chakra where it neutralises its harmful effects. Thus the hematite is the best stone for the root chakra.

Hematite was used as a powerful talisman by England during times of war. It is said that if a hematite is worn by the soldier it would preserve the life force and blood of the wounded soldier in the battle. It is known to give vigour and strength to an individual exposed to it. In ancient Rome it was used as a decorative stone in jewellery weapons etc.

The medicinal use of hematite is that it has an excellent property of cleansing of blood and also energizing the sluggish nervous system. It is an elixir for all the so called drama queens who need stability and balance in emotions and who need grounding and focus in their virtues.

By simply gazing at the stone one can feel its power and subtle vibrations during therapeutic session. If an individual is feeling lost and unstable he can meditate with this stone for immediate grounding effects.

As a personal orgonite, the hematite works perfectly for balancing orgone and transforming the negative orgone into positive orgone. Used as an amulet or a talisman this blood red crystal can be worn in the neck or can simply be held in the hand for its mesmerising effects.

This crystal quartz has the effect of transforming a dream or any aspirations into the reality. Hematite calms the mind, helps one focus, gives clarity of thought and provides balance in thinking and life style.

This blood stone is used to organise thinking patterns, develop logical thinking skills, improving argumentation and problem solving skills. It helps balance ones self-esteem and self-vision.

By using the hematite one can make way for bringing about more positive thoughts and energy to enter in one’s life. Use of this stone provides positive effects on the business and career as also in relationships and in families thus making it a must have in your crystal aid kit.



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