Hope and Light - 22 Essential Crystals for Depression!

Hope and Light - 22 Essential Crystals for Depression!

Crystals have become an increasingly popular tool in managing the emotional effects of depression. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but some believe that each crystal has its own unique healing properties that can help bring balance into our lives.

Here’s what you need to know about using 22 powerful crystals for depression relief. When used correctly, these 22 crystals may work to reduce feelings of sadness and despair while simultaneously restoring harmony within yourself. Their vibrations interact with your body's energy field in order to provide calming vibes during times of stress or anxiety.

Many people report feeling more relaxed after working with crystals - both mentally and emotionally - which helps them manage their depression better over time.

By understanding the spiritual power behind these healing crystals and learning how best to use them for maximum benefit, you'll gain access to a natural remedy that could potentially transform your life.

Definition Of Depression

The causes for this debilitating disease are varied but some common triggers include traumatic events like abuse or neglect, biological factors like genes passed down from family members and certain medical conditions related to hormones such as hypothyroidism.

Furthermore environmental elements like stress at work or school can lead to depressive episodes too. When it comes to treatment there are various options available with psychotherapy being among the most popular choices for those struggling with depression.

Other methods involve taking antidepressants prescribed by doctors or opting for natural remedies such as exercise or yoga which have proved helpful in many cases. No matter how tough life gets do not let yourself be consumed by sadness – seek help if necessary!

Benefits Of Crystals For Depression

The use of crystals for depression and other mental health issues is a popular way to naturally treat these problems. Crystals can provide emotional healing, helping people feel more balanced and centered. They’re also said to help with stress relief and relaxation. Using crystals for depression has several potential benefits.

One benefit is that it may reduce feelings of sadness, fear, or anxiety, as well as improving your overall mood. It's believed that the energy from the crystals helps break up negative thought patterns which lead to those emotions.

Additionally, some believe they work by redirecting your focus on positive thoughts instead. Crystals are also thought to be helpful when dealing with physical symptoms related to depression such as headaches or fatigue.

The natural vibrations given off by the stones may have a calming effect on your body in addition to your mind – reducing muscle tension and providing an overall sense of wellbeing. This could be especially beneficial if you’ve been feeling drained due to long-term stress or anxiety about something specific like a job change or relationship issue.

In general, using crystals for depression can be very useful in terms of managing symptoms associated with this condition, while avoiding harsh medications that often come with uncomfortable side effects.

Of course, it’s important to note that everyone responds differently so what How Crystals Work To Help With Depression

The therapeutic effects of crystals for depression are undeniable. While some may view them as merely aesthetically pleasing, many experience an emotional and mental shift when incorporating crystal healing into their lives.

To understand how they work to help with depression, it’s important to first learn what exactly crystal therapy is. Crystal therapy primarily focuses on the power of energy that a person absorbs from certain minerals and stones found in nature.

Crystals have also been known to bring relief from feelings related to grief and sadness because of their ability to induce relaxation through calming colors and shapes. They can act as a source of comfort during times of confusion or distress while providing emotional protection against negative thoughts.

Additionally, crystals offer a sense of security which can give individuals a sense of stability in uncertain situations - something helpful for those who suffer from depression.

Overall, crystal healing has been proven effective at combating symptoms associated with depression such as low mood, poor concentration, insomnia, fatigue and irritability; all without any side effects!

With so many options available – ranging from amethyst for soothing vibes to rose quartz for self-love – anyone looking for relief from depression should consider giving this ancient practice a try!

Choosing The Right Crystal For You

  1. Your Intention - Do you need support in calming and soothing your emotional state or would like to tap into its healing energy?
  2. The Crystal Guide - Read up on different crystals and their properties that may best fit your needs. Research reputable sources such as books, websites, and blogs about which crystals have been known to aid mental health conditions like depression.
  3. Attunement with the Crystal - Once you've done your research, it's time to select one or more of the crystals that resonates with you deeply. Take some time out in nature or in a quiet space at home where you can meditate while holding each crystal before making your final selection(s). This will allow you to become attuned to its vibrations and determine whether or not it’s suitable for aiding in relieving depression symptoms.

Remember, there isn't one single crystal that works for everyone; every individual has unique needs and desires so take the time necessary to find what resonates with YOU!

When equipped with knowledge about various gemstones' metaphysical properties, along with personal intuition and understanding of how those energies affect us individually–you will be able to confidently pick the perfect stone for achieving optimal mental wellbeing through crystal healing.


Transitioning from the previous section, it's important to take into consideration a crystal that has healing powers for depression. One of these crystals is amethyst, whose name comes from Greek words meaning "not intoxicated". This figure of speech highlights its calming and sobering properties for mental health issues like depression.

Amethyst is known as one of the best crystals for relief from depression because it helps clear away negative thoughts and stress.By connecting with its vibration on a spiritual level, you will be able to tap into divine wisdom which can bring more insight into how to cope with difficult emotions associated with depression.

When it comes down to choosing the right crystal for dealing with depression, amethyst should be considered due to its ability to strengthen inner peace and aid in improving mental clarity during tough times.

If you're looking for a natural way to support your journey towards better mental health, then consider incorporating this beautiful purple gemstone into your daily routine!


When working with Sodalite, one can access their subconscious realms as well as become more aware of their current feelings and thoughts. This allows them to find solutions to whatever problems they may be facing while also gaining insight into how best to treat their own emotions.

Using Sodalite during meditation or simply placing it closeby when feeling depressed can have profound effects on your mood. Its calming energy helps quiet the mind and reduces stress levels which leads to increased clarity and focus on the present moment.

Additionally, its vibrations act like a shield against negative energies which further contributes towards feelings of peace and security. Overall, Sodalite offers powerful support in times of distress for those struggling with depression or other mental health issues. Its unique combination of physical properties combined with its subtle yet strong metaphysical power makes it an ideal gemstone for anyone looking for natural ways to stay emotionally balanced and mentally healthy.


Lepidolite can help restore mental balance and reduce stress levels through its calming vibrations. Its gentle energy works by promoting relaxation and inner peace, allowing one’s mind to open up and find emotional stability.

In addition, this crystal helps activate positive feelings such as joy, optimism, and trust - all of which can counteract the negative effects of depression. Lepidolite also has strong healing properties that work on physical ailments related to depression such as headaches, anxiety attacks, fatigue and insomnia.

The best way to use lepidolite for depression relief is to incorporate it into your daily routine in small ways. For example, you could wear a piece of jewelry with this stone while out in public, meditate with it at home or keep one near you at night so you have something comforting around you when going to bed.

Another great idea would be to combine different crystals together for an extra boost; pairing them with amethyst will further enhance their healing power. No matter how you choose to use it, lepidolite makes a wonderful companion on your journey towards emotional wellbeing and overall improved moodbalance.

If anything else fails, why not give this beautiful crystal a try? You never know - it may just provide the comfort and clarity that you need during these tough times!

Black Tourmaline

It's almost ironic that one of the best crystals for depression relief is black tourmaline. After all, it's not exactly a colour we associate with hope and happiness. But this powerful protection stone can be used to help alleviate feelings of anxiety and despair while promoting mental clarity.

Black tourmaline has been used in crystal healing for centuries as a way to heal physical ailments but also those related to emotional health and well-being. It works by clearing away negative energy from the mind and providing an extra boost of confidence – something many people suffering from depression lack.

This crystal encourages positivity, helping us feel empowered enough to move forward in life despite our struggles with mental illness. In addition to its spiritual benefits, black tourmaline has practical applications too.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink crystal that is known to be incredibly powerful in providing relief from depression. It can help to bring feelings of self-love and emotional healing, allowing you to cope with any sadness or depression more easily. This crystal also provides mental clarity and encourages positive thinking, which is essential for dealing with depression.

When using Rose Quartz for depression relief, here are some tips:

* Wear it as jewelry - Wearing rose quartz close to your heart will allow the stone's energy to bring comfort and peace into your life. You can find many types of jewelry made out of this gemstone like necklaces or rings so you can keep its energies close at all times.

* Place it around your home - Placing small pieces of rose quartz throughout your living space will bring an overall feeling of love and harmony into the environment. You may want to place one near your bedside table so that when feel anxious or overwhelmed, you have something comforting nearby.

* Meditate with it - Meditation is one of the best ways to access the calming powers of rose quartz, so take some time each day to sit quietly and hold the crystal in your hands while focusing on bringing loving thoughts into yourself.

The soothing vibrations emitted by the rose quartz will slowly start working their magic on both your mind and body, helping ease away negative emotions and replace them instead with joyfulness and contentment.

With regular use over time, these effects will become stronger until eventually they stay with you even without having to meditate every day.


  • Promote Positive Energy: It not only brings cheerfulness but also encourages inner strength so you can tackle difficult situations with confidence. By working through negative thoughts with positivity, citrine will help create an atmosphere that supports healing and growth.
  • Increase Mental Clarity: The energies emitted from citrine stimulate clear thinking which makes it easier to focus on tasks or important decisions without being overwhelmed by emotions. This clarity helps provide direction when dealing with challenging issues related to depression.
  • Boost Self Esteem: Wearing or having citrine near you increases self worth because it works on restoring balance between mind and body while promoting relaxation.

With restored tranquility comes improved sense of self worth enabling individuals with depression to feel better about themselves. Citrine is truly an amazing crystal for those who suffer from depression; its healing powers are undeniable when one takes into account all its therapeutic qualities!

So if you're looking for some natural relief, consider adding this sunny stone into your life - its rays may just be what you need to lift your spirits up again!


I'm sure you've heard of moonstone, and the potential benefits it can bring for depression. Moonstone has been used in healing practices throughout history—from ancient Greece to India—and is associated with intuition, protection, and inner growth. It's a crystal that helps us move away from fear and into love.

For those dealing with depression, moonstone can be particularly effective because of its calming energy and ability to provide emotional support during difficult times. It can help balance hormones, increase clarity of thought, boost self-confidence, reduce anxiety levels, and restore peace within oneself.

Plus, it also offers physical health benefits such as reducing stress levels and improving immunity. When using moonstone for depression relief, it is important to remember that crystals are not magical cures; they just offer an extra layer of healing power alongside traditional treatments like therapy or medication.

To get the most out of your moonstone experience when combating depression symptoms, make sure to hold or meditate with your stone regularly (daily if possible) while focusing on releasing any negative emotions or thoughts related to your condition.

Moonstone crystal is an excellent tool for helping manage depressive episodes—it works by providing comfort and encouraging positive thinking patterns which may lead one towards better mental well-being. Try incorporating this beautiful gem into your daily routine today!


This beautiful stone is often associated with emotional balance, making it an excellent choice for people looking to combat depression. Malachite is thought to promote spiritual wellness and reduce stress levels, which can help those suffering from depression become more balanced emotionally.

The dark green hue of this semi-precious gemstone also allows us to connect with the Earth’s energy, providing grounding and protection from negative energies.

Additionally, when placed on areas such as your heart or solar plexus chakra, malachite helps open these energetic centers and encourages self-love, acceptance and peace. The benefits of malachite don't end there; this powerful crystal also helps increase our ability to receive positive affirmations and insights from our higher selves. It also aids in releasing built up anger and resentment by calming down our minds so we are better able to process our emotions in a healthy way.

Finally, malachite can help bring clarity into difficult situations while still keeping us grounded in reality - something that can be hard for someone dealing with depression.

With its calming properties and ability to restore balance both mentally and spiritually, malachite is an ideal crystal for helping manage depressive symptoms naturally.


Carnelian is a crystal known for its deep red or orange color. It has been used in many cultures for centuries to heal physical and emotional ailments, including depression relief. Carnelian can help balance your energy levels, which can be beneficial to those suffering from depression. Its vibrant colors are said to bring about an increase in enthusiasm and motivation that could help with managing depression symptoms.

In addition, carnelian works as an emotional healer by promoting self-confidence and courage during times of despair. People who use the crystal often report feeling more emotionally secure and less anxious during their healing journey. Many users have also noted an improved sense of optimism when using this energizing stone regularly.

Finally, carnelian helps clear mental fog and improves concentration while working on tasks at hand such as studying or completing work projects. This can be especially helpful for individuals going through bouts of sadness due to depression – allowing them to stay focused on what needs to get done without becoming overwhelmed or discouraged by their circumstances.

Overall, carnelian offers numerous benefits for helping individuals work towards recovery from depression because it promotes emotional healing, balancing energy levels and mental clarity all at once!


Turquoise is an amazing crystal that can be used for depression relief. Its healing properties are beyond compare and it has been known to bring about great joy in those suffering from depression. It's almost like a magical elixir, with its bright turquoise color radiating hope and positivity into the environment around you.

The energy emanating from this stone is believed to provide powerful protection against negative influences while helping us to take back control of our own thoughts and feelings.

The benefits of using turquoise when dealing with depression are many. It helps to balance emotions, calming down any racing or anxious thoughts, providing a sense of peace and understanding within oneself. Turquoise also stimulates creativity and intuition, boosting self-confidence as well as aiding clarity when tackling difficult problems.

As if these weren’t enough reasons to use turquoise for depression relief, it’s also said to help enhance spiritual communication and promote inner wisdom through its mystical powers.

Another one of the unique properties of turquoise is its ability to strengthen relationships, promoting trust and loyalty between people while simultaneously increasing happiness levels in both parties involved. This makes it ideal for couples who may be struggling with their mental health together or separately – allowing them to benefit from each other’s positive energies without feeling overwhelmed by negativity.

Clear Quartz

When I use this crystal, I feel the energy moving through me with each breath; it’s like my body relaxes into the healing vibrations that the crystal provides.

What makes clear quartz so special in terms of its ability to help with depression, is how easily you can incorporate it into your life - just holding it in one hand while doing some deep breathing exercises can give you an immediate boost of positive energy.

Plus, wearing jewelry made out of clear quartz allows you to keep the crystalline energies close to your heart throughout the day. Clear quartz has also been known to amplify both positive and negative energies around us which can be beneficial when trying to work through our own emotions and mental blocks connected to depression.


When using aquamarine for depression healing, you can either hold the stone or wear jewelry featuring the gemstone. Holding the stone during meditation or prayer may be beneficial as it's thought to invoke feelings of peace and relaxation.

Additionally, wearing aquamarine jewelry near your heart allows its energy to remain close to you throughout the day, providing continued comfort and support if needed. If using aquamarine internally, consider drinking elixirs made from infusion or decoctions of the herb.

These have long been known for their ability to calm emotions associated with depression and improve moods overall. You can also add a few drops of essential oil derived from aquamarine into bathwater before soaking in it – this will provide both physical and energetic cleansing while calming emotions related to sadness or grief.

It's important to remember that no one single remedy works universally for everyone; each person must find what works best for them when dealing with depression.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli also helps stimulate motivation and ambition, which can help combat depression. The stone's connection with higher wisdom and truth makes it ideal for those who are struggling to understand their thoughts or emotions.

By connecting with its energy, we can gain clarity and insight into our inner workings. The calming nature of lapis lazuli encourages self-reflection so that we may better comprehend our own needs.

On a physical level, Lapis Lazuli is believed to boost immunity and ward off fatigue - two common symptoms of depression. This gemstone reduces inflammation throughout the body while stimulating both the respiratory system and circulation - aiding us in feeling more energetic and full of life again!

Overall, this beautiful crystal has many benefits when used for treating depression - from mental health support to improved physical wellbeing. If you're looking for something special to aid your journey toward emotional well being, consider giving lapis lazuli a try!

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a powerful crystal for depression. It's believed to be able to help heal emotional wounds, while bringing mental clarity and stress relief. This makes it an ideal choice of crystals for those dealing with depression.

Here are some benefits that come from using smoky quartz:

* Emotional Healing - Smoky quartz can help strengthen your resilience against negative emotions like sadness, anxiety, fear, and anger.

* Mental Clarity - When used regularly, this crystal can bring increased focus and clarity in decision making.

* Stress Relief – The calming energy of the stone helps reduce tension and worry associated with depression. Using smoky quartz as part of an overall holistic approach to managing depression may prove beneficial in easing symptoms over time.

To get the most out of its healing properties, try wearing small pieces around your neck or carrying them in your pocket during times you feel overwhelmed by depressive thoughts or emotions. Additionally, meditating with the stones placed on different parts of your body could also aid in deep relaxation and emotional renewal.

With regular use, you’ll soon notice a more positive outlook on life emerging within yourself thanks to the power of these special crystals!


Rhodochrosite also works to boost happiness when placed on the body during meditation or visualization sessions. The healing properties of this pinkish mineral are believed to come from its electromagnetic energy which vibrates with love, compassion, understanding, acceptance and forgiveness – all qualities needed by anyone struggling with feelings of sadness or depression.

When held in hand while meditating, it works to open up one's heart chakra so they may heal their emotional wounds more easily. Additionally, rhodochrosite stimulates creativity which can prove helpful in finding new ways out of despair.

When working with this crystal it’s important not to forget about proper care and maintenance too: regularly cleansing your stones will ensure you get the maximum benefit from them every time!

With regular use, rhodochrosite could potentially offer some relief for people experiencing depression symptoms by providing stress relief, calming negative thought patterns, improving clarity of mind and promoting an overall sense of peace and comfort within oneself.


Coincidentally, we now come to obsidian which is yet another type of crystal that can be helpful when dealing with depression. This black glassy mineral has healing properties associated with it and is said to provide emotional balance while grounding energy. It also helps promote mental clarity in times of distress.

The strong protective energies of obsidian make it one of the most powerful crystals for dispelling negative emotions and feelings like anger or sadness caused by depression.

Moreover, its ability to absorb negativity from your environment makes obsidian a great tool for personal growth as well. When using this crystal you should focus on releasing any fear, pain, or trauma so that energy can flow freely throughout your body.

Obsidian can help bring light into dark places within us all. Whether it's through meditation or simply holding an obsidian stone in our hands, this crystal encourages us to look inward and explore our inner depths without judgement or shame.

By allowing ourselves to open up and face these fears head-on we gain greater insight into how they affect us mentally and emotionally. With practice, this understanding leads to more balanced thoughts and better self-awareness which are crucial steps towards overcoming depression..

Through working with the energy of Obsidian we can begin to cultivate a sense of stability in difficult times while taking back control over our lives - no matter what challenges may arise along the way!

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a powerful healing crystal that can help provide relief from depression and anxiety. It has been used for centuries to promote emotional balance, as it helps bring inner strength and mental clarity. This stone brings peace of mind while calming the nerves, helping those who are struggling with depression or anxious thoughts.

The energy of Tiger’s Eye is believed to be both grounding and uplifting, allowing one to stay grounded in difficult times while still being able to focus on growth and moving forward. By wearing this stone or carrying it with you during moments of distress, it can lend its power towards restoring hope.

Additionally, the yellowish-brown color associated with Tiger's Eye also symbolizes courage and protection from negative energies. This beautiful gemstone has a vibration that draws out fear and replaces it with feelings of joyfulness and confidence.

The gentle vibrations will give you strength when you need it most, aiding in your recovery process by supporting positive thought patterns rather than dwelling on negative emotions.

Furthermore, meditating with Tiger’s Eye can enhance your intuition so that you gain insight into what lies beneath your depression or anxiety - helping you further understand how to heal yourself emotionally.

Blue Calcite

Moving on from Tiger's Eye, we come to Blue Calcite - a beautiful blue healing crystal that is incredibly calming and is known to help with depression.This lovely crystal also works its magic on relationships!

By activating our heart chakra, Blue Calcite opens up communication between two people so they can express themselves honestly without fear of judgement.

Not only does this make conversations less stressful; it also allows us to see things through another’s perspective – an invaluable skill when trying to resolve conflicts constructively.

Furthermore, since this stone resonates deeply within our spirit, its presence reminds us not to take life too seriously but rather enjoy each moment regardless of how hard times get!

In short, Blue Calcite is an amazing ally for anyone experiencing anxiety, insomnia or difficulty expressing emotions. With its empowering vibrations and tranquil aura, it provides comfort during tough times while inspiring hope for brighter days ahead!


This crystal can help promote emotional healing by improving inner awareness and reducing negative thoughts. It has anti-anxiety properties that make it useful for those with depression who are looking for a way to manage their symptoms naturally. When using Howlite as part of your natural therapy, it’s important to be mindful of its calming energy.

Additionally, wearing a piece of jewelry made from Howlite can also be beneficial during times of distress, since having it close will provide a sense of peace and security throughout the day. It's also good practice to set an intention when working with crystals like Howlite so that you get the most out of its healing energies.

Focus on what kind of changes you'd like to see within yourself, such as being more at ease or feeling less overwhelmed by emotions. Concentrate on these goals when holding onto the crystal or visualizing its effects on your body and mind - this will help amplify its positive impact even further.

Incorporating Howlite into your self-care routine is easy enough but remember not rush things; work at your own pace and don't put too much pressure on yourself if results don't come straight away.

Give yourself permission to experience whatever comes up without judgement and soon enough you'll start seeing the benefits of using this amazing crystal for emotional healing!


Next up is Selenite, which is often referred to as “liquid light” due to its calming and healing properties. It's like a breath of fresh air for the mind, body, and spirit! This crystal can help reduce anxiety by providing relief from stressful situations and has been known to balance moods.

Furthermore, it serves as an effective stress reliever and self-healing tool. Selenite helps to clear away negative energy in order to create peace within your life. Its powerful vibration assists in connecting you with your higher self while strengthening mental clarity, aiding in decision making abilities, and boosting concentration levels.

As such, this crystal can be very helpful when trying to focus on important tasks or studying for exams. Additionally, selenite works wonders when placed around the home since it helps protect against outside influences. This shining stone encourages us to face our fears head on so that we may break through any blocks and limitations holding us back from achieving our goals.

People who work with Selenite claim it provides them with guidance during times of confusion or distress and gives them strength when feeling overwhelmed or disheartened. In short, this crystal will encourage feelings of courage and confidence no matter what situation one finds themselves in. It's no wonder why Selenite is gaining traction among those seeking emotional support - its effects are truly magical!

Whether you need extra motivation at work or just want some reassurance before taking a big step forward in life, having a piece of this beautiful yet powerful stone nearby can make all the difference in helping reach your highest potential.


Fluorite is an incredibly powerful crystal when it comes to depression. It has a variety of metaphysical properties that make it the perfect choice for those looking into crystals for mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Fluorite can help to clear negative energy, helping you become more focused and balanced in your emotions. This crystal also helps with spiritual healing, providing clarity and understanding as you work through any emotional challenges that come up.

What makes fluorite so great for people dealing with depression? Its unique coloration helps to cleanse your aura and fortify positive feelings within yourself. The bright colors associated with this crystal bring about calming vibes while allowing you to open up spiritually.

When working with fluorite, it's important to set intentions on how you want to use the stone before using it – this will help maximize its effects!

In addition to the physical benefits, many people find that carrying a piece of fluorite on their person or placing one near them at times of distress gives them comfort and hope.

Simply having something physically there which can remind us of our potential strength against depressive episodes can be incredibly encouraging.

The power of fluorite lies in its ability to provide balance both internally and externally; no matter what kind of trauma has been experienced, this crystal provides support on all levels - emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically!

So if you’re searching for a powerful tool for managing depression, consider adding some beautiful fluorescent-colored stones into your life today!


Aventurine is an opaque stone with faint shimmering flecks which appear in various colors including green, yellow, blue and red. Green aventurine has long been used as a powerful healing crystal to aid emotional issues such as depression. It helps bring comfort during times of stress and soothes feelings of anxiety.

Aventurine is also believed to have calming effects on the mind and body due to its metaphysical properties. The energy from this crystal encourages positivity by helping one overcome negative thoughts and emotions that are causing mental distress or sadness. By promoting positive thinking, it can help improve overall well-being and outlook on life.

The physical benefits associated with using green aventurine include improved heart health, increased circulation, detoxification of bodily systems, and better sleep quality.

Additionally, when placed over certain areas of the body like chakras or acupuncture points it can reduce inflammation and pain while stimulating natural healing processes in those areas.

This beautiful gemstone is an effective way for people suffering from depression to open themselves up to more optimism without having to rely solely on medication or other treatments. Its bright color makes it aesthetically pleasing as well as emotionally supportive; you could even use it in jewelry for easy access whenever needed!

Whether you choose to wear your aventurine close or just keep it nearby for moments of need, this crystal will offer great support throughout your journey towards recovery and inner peace.


Crystals offer an alternative form of therapy which many have found helpful in managing depression, as they work on various energetic levels to bring balance back into our lives.

Whether it’s Rose Quartz providing emotional healing, Aquamarine connecting us with our inner wisdom or Citrine helping us regain clarity and focus, there are several different types of crystals that we can use depending on what areas of our life need more attention. Moonstone also helps by calming emotions and bringing peace within ourselves.

With just a few simple steps such as holding a crystal close while meditating or wearing one throughout the day, you will soon begin to feel the positive effects from these powerful tools of self-care!

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